Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Pick for the NBA Finals

The Lakers and Celtics meet tonight in Game 7 of the NBA Finals, Right now the Celtics have won 17 Tittles and the Lakers have won 15 Times, However The Celtics have a huge advantage going into this year with the Celtics Defeating The Lakers 9 of 11 times in the Finals, The Next Biggest Dominance in Sports is the Yankees winning 8 of 11 Times vs The Dodgers

So this brings us to tonights game. The Lakers are Home and in Game 6 Dominated the Celtics, But History shows us that it means nothing. The Home Team usually wins game 7s at home but Celtics have won Game 7s on the road including 1969 when The Lakers had the Best Player in the NBA (Jerry West) and the Celtics were old and no one thought they had a chance to even be in the finals.

With the injury to Kendrick Perkins it looks like it is a severe blow to Boston as there really is no one to match up with Pau Gosal, However I see something here that may, just may bode well for Boston, In Game 5 of the NBA Finals in the middle of the Game The Lakers were playing the New York Knicks with the series tied 2 games each, In the middle of game the Knicks center Willis reed went down with a severe injury and with the Lakers leading in the game and the Knicks not having a true NBA Center to go against the Dominant Wilt Chamberlain all hope appeared to be gone (I cried and went to bed giving up hope, but had the game on the radio) and something happened, The Knicks used a combination of Dave Debusschere, Dave Stallworth and Cazzie Russell, none of whom were over 6'8" tall combined to slow down Wilt and even with the Best player in the NBA Jerry (The Logo) West the Knicks were able to come back and defeat the Lakers in game 5 and take a 3 games to 2 lead.

The Celtics have alot of crafty never say die veterans who have faced enormous pressure before and they have been a very good road team. This Laker team (Kobe and Fisher) and as a matter of fact as a coach Phil Jackson has never coached in a Game 7 NBA Finals , in his life.
So the Celtics just might have a slight edge there.

So who is going to win? I picked the Lakers in the Preseason, I picked the Lakers in 6 before the finals started, But I really have a strange feeling that even though the Lakers have the best player on the planet it could come crashing down on them and The Celtics can rule again and keep the history of winning like the Yankees own history in Baseball,
The personal, taking in to account the age of the Celtics and Perkins injury say the Lakers shoud rout again, BUT that ain't going to happen, This will be a very close game, Maybe OT or even Double OT, and when the road team keeps it close who knows, But in the end the ball will be in Kobe Bryants hands with the Lakers trailing by 1 or 2, and the defining moment of Bryants career will be on the line, Will he be in the Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson legend or will he be in the Jerry West (Just 1 Tittle) legend.

The Game ends with Kobe nailing a 3 pointer in Double OT to stun the Celtics

The NBA Champions will be the Los Angeles Lakers