Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"The Expert's" Picks (Week 4)

Here it is, Week 4 Picks by the one and only "The Expert"
Put money on these picks and you can retire Tuesday Morning.
Of course you may be Homeless, but you can retire. (Money is so overrated)

Last Week 11-5 (Season 34-14)

Winning Team in Bold Print

Lions 17 @ Bears 31 (So Much for the Lions moving up to the elite)

Bengals 37 @ Browns 10 (Will Mangini make it past the bye week?)

Raiders 6 @ Texans 24 (Senile Al Davis swears by JaMarcus Russell as the next great QB)

Seahawks 23 @ Colts 37 (Manning will do enough to overcome the hurting Colts defense)

Titans 34 @ Jaguars 23 (Titans get a win against they own)

Giants 34 @ Chiefs 10 (Scott Pioli will be further proof that Patriot genius does not travel well)

Ravens 24 @ Patriots 20 (Ravens Offense and Defense will be enough the Not quite ready Patriots)

Yucuneers 6 @ Redskins 13 (Dreadful Redskins barely beat the Yucs)

Bills 13 @ Dolphins 17 (You thought T.O. was unhappy last week?)

Jets 24 @ Saints 27 (Home Crowd and Drew Brees is too much even for this terrific defense)

Cowboys 21 @ Broncos 10 (Broncos will start showing that they are among the worst teams in the NFL this week)

Rams 6 @ 49rs 24 (Rams will continue to fight The Yucs(Bucs), Mahi Mahi's(Dolphins), Plain Paper Bags(Browns), (Chiefs) (Redskins).

Sunday Night

Chargers 28 @ Steelers 34 (Steelers Rebound in a Barn Burner)

Monday Night

Packers 28 @ Vikings 27 (Rogers lead Packers in last minute drive to beat Favre who threw a Go Ahead TD pass with 1 minute 12 seconds left)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

"The Expert's" Picks (Week 3)

Last week 10-6
Wrong on picking--Packers/Bengals--Browns/Broncos--Titans/Texans--Steelers/Bears

This week

Cleveland 13 @ Baltimore 31 (The Mangini watch has begun)

Washington 16 @ Lions 13 (I Don't have the Guts to pick the upset)

Titans 20 @ Jets 16 (Titans are better than 0-2, Jets come back to Earth a Little)

Saints 48 @ Bills 17 (T.O. will explode after this one)

Giants 41 @ Bucs 13 (The Yucs are back)

Bears 24 @ Seahawks 20

Packers 27 @ Rams 10

Steelers 34 @ Bengals 17

Chiefs 24 @ Eagles 31

Broncos 10 @ Raiders 17 (Raiders win even though they have the Worst QB in History)

Atlanta 27 @ Patriots 34 (Patriots get the offense back online, But Defense will barely get by)

Dolphins 24 @ Chargers 48 (Dolphins cannot tackle, Chargers explode on Sunday)

49rs 16 @ Vikings 24 (Farve looks good but gets hit alot, will take its toll later in the season)

Colts 34 @ Cardinals 17 (Manning and company gets back on track in a big way)

Jags 10 @ Texans 27 (Del Rio clock is ticking)

Monday Night
Panthers 24 @ Cowboys 27 (Fox clock is ticking loudly)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

"The Experts" Picks (Week 2)

Week 1 recap--13-3 (Trust me..Missed the - (Jets/Ravens), (49rs/Cards), and (Broncos/Bengals) games

Falcons 23-Carolina 17
Packers 30- Bengals 14
Raiders 17-Chiefs 13
Saints 31-Eagles 23
Bills 20-Bucs 10
Browns 13-Broncos 6
Vikings 31-Lions 17
Arizona-31-Jags 14
Titans 24-Texans 13
49rs 23-Seahawks 17
Steelers 31-Bears-27
Chargers 21-Ravens 17
Washington 24-Rams 10
Upset Special
Jets 27-Patriots 23

Sunday Night
Giants 23-Cowboys 13

Monday Night (Upset)
Dolphins 20-Colts 17

The Return of "The Expert"

"The Expert" is back.
"The Expert" has been very busy and was unable to post Season Predictions, Week 1 Picks or Week 2 till Today

1st Quick Season Predictions I made before the season
AFC East--New England Patriots
AFC-North-Pittsburgh Steelers
AFC South-Tennessee Titans
AFC-West-San Diego Chargers (I went out on the limb on that one)

Wild Cards--Baltimore Ravens, Indianapolis Colts

Among those not making, Jets (Close but not Yet) , Dolphins (Slip back some, but watch out next year)

NFC-East--New York Giants
NFC-North-Green Bay Packers
NFC-South-New Orleans Saints
NFC-West-San Francisco 49ers

Wild Cards--Philadelphia Eagles, Atlanta Falcons

Those not making, Cowboys (Going down fast), Vikings, (Farve) will be a bust by the end of the season) Arizona (Super Bowl Losers always slip back alot and the Cards were not that good anyway.

Patriots over Colts
Titans over Ravens

Patriots over San Diego
Steelers over Titans

Steelers over Patriots in AFC Championship Game

Eagles over Saints
Falcons over 49rs

Giants over Falcons
Packers over Eagles

Giants over Packers in NFC Championship Game

Super Bowl--Steelers over Giants (Sorry Dan)