Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Nutball Gazette-Conference Championship Games

Here we go, After today only one more game to go,

Last week 3-1.
Playoffs so far--5-3
All Year--158-106

My Preseason picks had the Packers over the Falcons in this game
and in the AFC the Ravens over the Texans (oops)
I almost had 2 of the teams but still got one,
How I picked these teams in the preseason

Bears--5-11--Last in the NFC North
Packers--12-4--(Aaron Rogers makes Green bay forget Favre)--Winning Super Bowl
Jets--8-8,-- big letdown--(Cannot score) they looked awful in the pre-season

Not too good, Now you know why I am called "The Expert"

NFC Game

Packers @ Bears

Good defense on both sides Just staying with what I thought in the pre-season This is the Packers year, Rodgers has become among the best in the NFL, and Clay Mathews III is a monster on defense and I can not see Jay Cutler overcoming this


AFC Game

Quiet week in the talking front, The Steelers are a proven winner, Ben Roethlisberger has been playing hurt and does not put up the big numbers like what Brady, Manning, and the other top rated QBs do, but he always seems to make the big play when it is needed the most. Steelers are badly banged up on the O-Line and that can present problems for Big Ben and the Jets have the Defense to do just that,
The Jets have been one game away from the Super Bowl 4 times before, Winning one time vs the Oakland Raiders in the AFL Tittle game on their way to winning Super Bowl 3 vs the Colts
Also was painful losses to the Colts last year after leading at the 1/2 only to lose,
Fact is the Jets have led or been tied at the 1/2 in every game. Also losing to the Denver Broncos
in 1998 and the worst one was losing to the Miami Dolphins in the infamous Richard Todd to AJ Duhe game, I still have nightmares about that game
So here are the Jets with a resurgent running game and also some big play receivers including former Steeler hero Antonio Holmes, The Jets have what it takes to win this game,
So What do I see happening, I see the Jets playing tough and a low scoring game and the Jets will have the lead in this game maybe in the 4th Quarter, But Big Ben and the Steelers make the big plays once again and the Final Score and a dagger in my Heart too

Steelers-17 Jets 13

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I am so bummed

I just can't catch a break in my Picks, I never have a perfect week,
Here I am 3-0 and all I have to do is get the easiest game in the history of the NFL to pick to go my way,
Everyone knew the Jets had no chance to beat the Patriots, So I figured I was going to have my first undefeated week, But NOOOOOOO! The Jets had to go and win.
I am not sure how to deal with this,

Friday, January 14, 2011

Got to Love the Optimism of Met Fans

Last Season On my way home one day, I stopped to
watch a New York Mets baseball game that was being played in a
Citi Field. As I sat down behind the bench on the first-
base line, I asked one of the players what the score was
'We're behind 14 to nothing,' he answered
With a smile.

'Really,' I said... 'I have to say you
don't look very discouraged.'

'Discouraged?', the Player asked with a
Puzzled look on his face...

'Why should we be discouraged? We haven't
Been up to bat yet.'

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Nutball Gazette-The Expert-Divisional Round Playoffs

First lets honor the 42nd Anniversary of Super Bowl 3 and the New York Jets of the Old AFL beating the ten Baltimore Colts of the big unbeatable NFL

We are through the Wild Card round--We had a Earth Shaking game, Literally when Marshawn Lynch made an astonishing 67-yard touchdown run there was actual seismic activity at the moment Lynch made his incredible run, Also a stunning upset in the AFC as the Jets overcame a last minute Field Goal by the Colts that gave the Colts what appeared to be a win only to get a great runback from Warren Cromartie to set up a last second Field goal to send the Jets to Foxbourgh to face the Patriots (Oh Joy)

Now we go on,
Last Week 2-2


Ravens @ Steelers (This is a blood rivalry, It is always close and goes down to the last minute, The Ravens are coming off a short week and the Steelers are coming off a Bye week-That should make the difference

Steelers-20 Ravens-16

Packers @ Falcons (Packers had to win out to make the Playoffs, Falcons coasted during the season and also dominated at home till the last game, Packers appear to be peaking and discovered a running game, I just don't buy the Falcons)

Packers-27 Falcons-17


Seahawks @ Bears (If Saturdays game goes as I predict and the Seahawks win they get to host the NFC Championship Game, It ain't going to happen)

Bears-31 Seahawks 13

Now the game we have all been waiting for and the one you all want to know how "The Expert" will pick

Jets @ Patriots ( Patriots are playing as good of ball as any team has done in a very long time, This Patriots team seems to be better than the 16-0 Patriots team of 2007, I would say this team rivals the dominance of the 85 Bears.
The Jets have been a quite good team most of the time, when they need a big play late they almost always get it, They win ugly but they do win, This week Rex Ryan has opened his pie hole and has gotten Patriot Land all riled up and then Warren Cromartie Really got things going in Patriot Land. Now History has shown us that when the Patriots win big games they win with a last second Field Goal, It is to Football like what Mariano Rivera is to the Yankees, History has also shown the The Hammer Of God (Rivera) has also blown Games that have cost the Yankees,
97 vs Indians, 01 vs D-Backs and yes 04 vs Red Sox with that being said, I have a vision that the Patriots and jets will be in a epic battle with the jets ahead by 2 points and the Patriots getting the ball on their own 6 yard line with 43 seconds left and 2 time outs, Brady Pulls out more magic and drives the Patriots down to the 5 Yard Line of the Jets with one second left and all the Patriots have to do is kick a unmissable 23 Yard Field Goal to rip the hearts Jet Fans once again
BUT this time the Field Goal will hit the upright and bounce out and the Jets advance to the AFC Championship game, and as I see the Ball bounce off the upright my Alarm Clock goes off and I wake up)

Patriots-31 Jets-23

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thoughts on NFL Coaching Changes--and Great News about Rutgers Eric LeGrand.

Great news about Rutgers Football Player Eric Legrand!

At this time Jim Harbaugh is in serious negotiations to become the Miami Dolphins Coach,
He was originally expected to go to his Alma Mater Michigan University but he does not want to go there, (Can't blame him)
Then he was expected to go to the 49rs and appeared to be close signing with a very lucritive offer
But in the last moment the Miami Dolphins are swooping in and offering to maybe make him the Highest payed coach in NFL history.

Yahoo Sports is saying the Dolphins are on the verge of closing the deal with Harbaugh

The Dolphins have been reported to have offered Former Raider and Super Bowl Winning Buc coach the job and he wanted nothing to do with them,
Bill Cowher was interested them but wanted full control of Football Operations and the Dolphins said no. In the meantime the Dolphins have let Tony Sparano twist in the wind,
They better hope they get Harbaugh, if they don't the only other person they would be able to get to come to that organization would be Rich Kottite.

Meanwhile the 49rs other choice is said to be Josh McDaniels the Total Failure of a coach of the Denver Broncos. No other name is named

Also the Oakland Raiders have fired Tom Cable who seemed to have the Raiders on the right track, but old senile Al Davis did not like him and appears to be wanting to hire OC Hue Jackson
This has to send the Raiders back another 5 years

The Texans have hired Wade Phillips as there Defensive Coordinator (Great Hire)

The Titans side with Jeff Fisher over Vince Young, The way I see it is that Young lost respect with the players with his actions but Fisher seems to have worn out his welcome, If I owned the Titans I would have fired Fisher also

Monday, January 3, 2011

The Nutball Gazette-Revised-Wild Card weekend Picks+ Playoffs

(Revised picks are below the original picks all the way on the bottom. Picks changed with the injury news to the Saints) 1-6-11

Playoffs starting--This will be a prediction of this weeks games, Also Prediction for the entire playoffs with a review of "The Expert"s picks in the pre-season for the Playoffs

Pre-Season Predictions made on September 8th 2010-Correct Teams in the playoffs 3 out of 6 in each conference. They are in Italic
This weeks picks below under review
WC Round

Texans over the Raiders
Patriots over the Bengals

Divisional Round

Texans over the Colts
Ravens over the Patriots

AFC Championship

Ravens over Texans

NFC Playoffs

Wild card round

Falcons over Cowboys
49rs over Giants

Divisional round

Packers over 49rs
Falcons over Saints

NFC Championship

Packers over Falcons



Last Week 11-5
Correct Season Total 153-103


Saints-31 @ Seahawks-13 (Saints should win going away, HOWEVER, if this game stays close going into the 4th quarter the Seahawks can win this with that very loud crowd, But look for the Saints to jump out quickly and silent the crowd)

Jets-20 @ Colts-31 (Just do not see the Jets being able to contain the Colts, Jets running game has disappeared and that will give Peyton Manning too much time to overcome the Jets)


Ravens-26 @ Chiefs-17 (Ravens have too much experience and there appears to be a rift between Offensive Coordinator Charlie Weis and Head Coach Todd Haley, it appears Haley is jealous of Weis, Haley's actions will eventually be his downfall, Remember him not shaking hands with Josh McDaniels, These actions is not what you want in a head Coach)

Packers-26 @ Eagles-13 (I know the Eagles are great in 1st round games, but Michael Vick has not been the same the past several weeks and the Packer defense will terrorize Vick and hit him alot)

Predictions for the rest of the playoffs (See Amended picks below with the news of the injuries to the Saints Running Backs)


Colts lose @ Steelers

Ravens Lose @ Patriots

AFC Championship Game

Steelers lose @ Patriots


Packers lose @ Falcons

Saints Over @ Bears

NFC Championship Game

Saints win @ Falcons

Super Bowl

Patriots over Saints

NFC 2nd Round

Saints to lose vs Bears.

NFC Championship Game

Falcons over Bears

Super Bowl

Patriots over Falcons

Saturday, January 1, 2011

"The Expert" Knows Math

No One Knows math like "The Expert" going into week 15 he was 126-82

Then he went 8-8 and he wrote he was 144-90, (Brilliant Addition)

so he goes 8-8 again and claims to go to 152-92.

Me thinks his math skills has been on Steroids

He is actually now 144-92.

The Nutball Gazette-Week 17 Picks by "The Expert

The Nutball Gazette-Week 17 Picks by "The Expert

The Last week and all who have been following knows I stared off with a 59-58 record. then "The Expert" went on a 67-23 record,

Since then "The Expert" has gone 16-16

Well what we found out to paraphrase Dennis Green
is that "The Expert" is "Who we Thought he Was"-----El Stinko

Last Week 8-8

All Sunday Games this week

Panthers-12 @ Falcons-24 (Falcons playing for #1 seed)

Steelers-26 @ Browns-33 (Browns play for pride while the Steelers do rest some of the players at least part of the game)

Vikings-26 @ Lions-17 (Vikings are playing hard for Frazier and will beat a hard fighting Lions team and who knows Brett Favre just may play)

Raiders-23 @ Chiefs-16 (Raiders can become a .500 team for the 1st time since the year they went to the Super Bowl, Chiefs need the win to assure a 3rd seed, however they have the playoffs assured and will likely rest Cassel for part of the game)

Dolphins-10 @ Patriots-31 (Though the Dolphins are 6-1 on the road, and the Patriots have nothing to play for the Patriots do have pride and a killer instinct and will have no mercy for the Dolphins who mya have quit on this coaching staff)

Bucs-23 @ Saints-35 (Bucs can get into playoffs with a win and Giant and Packer loss but Saints have a chance for the #1 seed and are playing the 1 PM Game so they will play hard to put pressure on Falcons and Bears, Bucs come up just short in a remarkable season)

Bills 13 @ Jets-24 (Jets do not need win and Bills are playing for pride, with no pressure Jets win easily even with 87 year old "OK he is only 40" Mark Brunnell and Kellen Clemens taking snaps)

Bengals-13 @ Ravens-28 (Ravens playing for possible division and Bengals despite 2 good games in a row revert to form)

Jaguars-13 @ Texans-27 (Jags have a shot at the playoffs but with David Gerrard out and Jones Drew also out they have no offense, even a very poor Texans defense)

Giants-24 @ Redskins-17 (Giants have been tumbling out of the sky but will find a way to win against a Redskins team who only had 5 days to get ready and may have quit on Shanahan)

Cowboys-16 @ Eagles-27 (Eagles layed an egg on Tuesday and even though they only have 5 days to get ready they are playing a hated division rival, Keven Kolb is auditioning to the rest of the league for a well deserved starting job in the 2011 season, Cowboys may just lay down)

Cardinals-10 @ 49s-23 (49rs are playing to stay on a team that may be very good next year)

Bears-13 @ Packers-34 (The bears can get #1 seed but they will hold out players for at least part of the game, Packers win and they are in, and they will)

Titans-13 @ Colts-26 (Colts need win to assure playoffs and will take a early lead and when they see the Jaguars down then will pull Manning and others but will still win on a team that has given up)

Chargers-17 @ Broncos-26 (Think maybe Tebow has another big game and Chargers have nothing to play for)

Sunday Night

Rams-17 @ Seahawks-26 (Maybe this is just wishful thinking, Rams are a remarkable story and if they can go from 1-15 to the playoffs that would be amazing, but I like the story of a 7-9 Team winning the division and hosting a Playoff game vs a 10+ win team, That will make great Talk-Radio and Blogging alot of fun next Monday)