Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Nutball Gazette-Conference Championship Games

Here we go, After today only one more game to go,

Last week 3-1.
Playoffs so far--5-3
All Year--158-106

My Preseason picks had the Packers over the Falcons in this game
and in the AFC the Ravens over the Texans (oops)
I almost had 2 of the teams but still got one,
How I picked these teams in the preseason

Bears--5-11--Last in the NFC North
Packers--12-4--(Aaron Rogers makes Green bay forget Favre)--Winning Super Bowl
Jets--8-8,-- big letdown--(Cannot score) they looked awful in the pre-season

Not too good, Now you know why I am called "The Expert"

NFC Game

Packers @ Bears

Good defense on both sides Just staying with what I thought in the pre-season This is the Packers year, Rodgers has become among the best in the NFL, and Clay Mathews III is a monster on defense and I can not see Jay Cutler overcoming this


AFC Game

Quiet week in the talking front, The Steelers are a proven winner, Ben Roethlisberger has been playing hurt and does not put up the big numbers like what Brady, Manning, and the other top rated QBs do, but he always seems to make the big play when it is needed the most. Steelers are badly banged up on the O-Line and that can present problems for Big Ben and the Jets have the Defense to do just that,
The Jets have been one game away from the Super Bowl 4 times before, Winning one time vs the Oakland Raiders in the AFL Tittle game on their way to winning Super Bowl 3 vs the Colts
Also was painful losses to the Colts last year after leading at the 1/2 only to lose,
Fact is the Jets have led or been tied at the 1/2 in every game. Also losing to the Denver Broncos
in 1998 and the worst one was losing to the Miami Dolphins in the infamous Richard Todd to AJ Duhe game, I still have nightmares about that game
So here are the Jets with a resurgent running game and also some big play receivers including former Steeler hero Antonio Holmes, The Jets have what it takes to win this game,
So What do I see happening, I see the Jets playing tough and a low scoring game and the Jets will have the lead in this game maybe in the 4th Quarter, But Big Ben and the Steelers make the big plays once again and the Final Score and a dagger in my Heart too

Steelers-17 Jets 13


afrankangle said...

At least our J-E-T-S had a good year.

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