Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Nutball Gazette-Week 17 Picks by "The Expert

The Nutball Gazette-Week 17 Picks by "The Expert

The Last week and all who have been following knows I stared off with a 59-58 record. then "The Expert" went on a 67-23 record,

Since then "The Expert" has gone 16-16

Well what we found out to paraphrase Dennis Green
is that "The Expert" is "Who we Thought he Was"-----El Stinko

Last Week 8-8

All Sunday Games this week

Panthers-12 @ Falcons-24 (Falcons playing for #1 seed)

Steelers-26 @ Browns-33 (Browns play for pride while the Steelers do rest some of the players at least part of the game)

Vikings-26 @ Lions-17 (Vikings are playing hard for Frazier and will beat a hard fighting Lions team and who knows Brett Favre just may play)

Raiders-23 @ Chiefs-16 (Raiders can become a .500 team for the 1st time since the year they went to the Super Bowl, Chiefs need the win to assure a 3rd seed, however they have the playoffs assured and will likely rest Cassel for part of the game)

Dolphins-10 @ Patriots-31 (Though the Dolphins are 6-1 on the road, and the Patriots have nothing to play for the Patriots do have pride and a killer instinct and will have no mercy for the Dolphins who mya have quit on this coaching staff)

Bucs-23 @ Saints-35 (Bucs can get into playoffs with a win and Giant and Packer loss but Saints have a chance for the #1 seed and are playing the 1 PM Game so they will play hard to put pressure on Falcons and Bears, Bucs come up just short in a remarkable season)

Bills 13 @ Jets-24 (Jets do not need win and Bills are playing for pride, with no pressure Jets win easily even with 87 year old "OK he is only 40" Mark Brunnell and Kellen Clemens taking snaps)

Bengals-13 @ Ravens-28 (Ravens playing for possible division and Bengals despite 2 good games in a row revert to form)

Jaguars-13 @ Texans-27 (Jags have a shot at the playoffs but with David Gerrard out and Jones Drew also out they have no offense, even a very poor Texans defense)

Giants-24 @ Redskins-17 (Giants have been tumbling out of the sky but will find a way to win against a Redskins team who only had 5 days to get ready and may have quit on Shanahan)

Cowboys-16 @ Eagles-27 (Eagles layed an egg on Tuesday and even though they only have 5 days to get ready they are playing a hated division rival, Keven Kolb is auditioning to the rest of the league for a well deserved starting job in the 2011 season, Cowboys may just lay down)

Cardinals-10 @ 49s-23 (49rs are playing to stay on a team that may be very good next year)

Bears-13 @ Packers-34 (The bears can get #1 seed but they will hold out players for at least part of the game, Packers win and they are in, and they will)

Titans-13 @ Colts-26 (Colts need win to assure playoffs and will take a early lead and when they see the Jaguars down then will pull Manning and others but will still win on a team that has given up)

Chargers-17 @ Broncos-26 (Think maybe Tebow has another big game and Chargers have nothing to play for)

Sunday Night

Rams-17 @ Seahawks-26 (Maybe this is just wishful thinking, Rams are a remarkable story and if they can go from 1-15 to the playoffs that would be amazing, but I like the story of a 7-9 Team winning the division and hosting a Playoff game vs a 10+ win team, That will make great Talk-Radio and Blogging alot of fun next Monday)


nutballgazette said...

Who is worse, NFC West or Big 10?

nutballgazette said...
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nutballgazette said...

Did a Check and going into the week
"The Expert" was 142-98

This week--11-5

Final Regular Season

Anonymous said...

Dang .... and the Bengals pushed the Ravens around and had them on the ropes to not git er done in the end.