Monday, December 27, 2010

Stat of the week

Stat of the Week

Kansas City's Jamaal Charles is trying to become the most dangerous back, per carry, of the past 50 years in the NFL. I looked at the best backs (minimum 10 carries per game, on average) for a single season since 1960, and Charles, with one game left, is right there with them:

Player, TeamYearAtt.YardsAvg.Rush TD
Jim Brown, Cleveland19632911,8636.4012
Mercury Morris, Miami19731499546.4010
Jamaal Charles, KC (Who)?20102161,3806.394
Barry Sanders, Detroit19973352,0536.1311
O.J. Simpson, Buffalo19733322,0036.0312

Amazing company for a player who turns 24 today -- and who shares the rushing job on the Chiefs with banger Thomas Jones.

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Anonymous said...

Wow ... an impressive statistical find. Who would have thunk it?

Hey ... have a safe evening and Happy New Year.