Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Nutball Gazette-Week 15 Picks (Part 1)

Week 15 is here, and this is a huge week with playoff implications on the line

Last week 12-4

"The expert" is now on a 67-23 Run

Thursday Night

49rs-13 @ Chargers-27 (49rs playoff hopes are set back as Chargers "charge" to a playoff slot)


Browns-26 @ Bengals-10 (Bengals are in free fall, Carson Palmer should throw 2 TD passes for Browns. T.O will continue to nuke the clubhouse and Marvin Lewis will be begging to get out of town)

Redskins-16 @ Cowboys-27 (Redskins another team headed to the "Eve of Destruction" Have to wonder if Over Rated Mike Shanahan will be one and done)

Texans-26 @ Titans-16 (Texans win and with lots of help can make the playoffs, Randy Moss will once again not be targeted and expect a nuclear explosion in Tennessee)

Jaguars-27 @ Colts-31 (Jaguars could clinch the division with a win, They have the offense to do this, But The Colts could put up more against a suspect Jag defense, Not totally buying in to the Jags yet)

Time is 8:15, Rest of the picks coming soon

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That a way ... that's the Bengal spirit!