Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nutball Gazette-Super Bowl Pick

If you would have asked me at the beginning of the NFL Playoffs
("Nutball! Who is the least likely team to be playing in the Super Bowl on Feb 1 2009?")
A--Arizona Cardinals
B--Detroit Lions
C--Kansas City Royals
D--Los Angeles Clippers
E--Columbus Blue Jackets

I would have said that B through E has a much better chance of playing in this Years Super Bowl.
Now I have to wonder if the Cardinals will be overwhelmed by the event and just freeze and act like a Deer in Headlights.

The Steelers bring a defense that can disrupt almost any Offense,
The Steelers do not have a great Offense. Ben Roethlisberger does not put up big numbers but he seems to make the big plays just when a team needs them. That is what a Champion does.
There are concerns though with the Steelers..Hines Ward is shaken up and you have to wonder if he is going to be close to 100%. There is also reports that Roethlisberger is hurting also.
The Steelers still should be able to score points against a very Mediocre Cardinal Defense.
The Cardinals let up alot of points but they also have shown they can score in bunches. They have a Quarterback (Kurt Warner) who has rebounded his career and is playing like he did with the Rams, Edgerrin James seems to be revitalized after having a so-so year and not playing much, The Cards also has an outstanding Wide Receiver duo in Anquan Boldin and (The Lynn Swann) like Larry Fritzgerald.

So who is going to win??
Well I can see the Cardinals getting overwhelmed by the Steelers and getting Routed by a Score of 38-10,,,,BUT I do not think that will happen. I think that it will be a high scoring game. I see the Steelers having more yards and opportunities to score I say 7 trips into the Red Zone , But will they put in the End zone enough, I think they may have to settle to kick 3 Field Goals to go with the 3 Touchdowns they will score.--That gives them 30 points, Will it be enough?? My hunch is no..I look for the Cardinals to create 1 turnover in the Red Zone and they will take advantage of that and score 1 Touchdown. I also think that the Steelers will pretty much shutdown Fritzgerald, But he will make 1 huge play and score a Touchdown. I also see that Boldin will have a Huge Day and score 3 Touchdowns and James to score 1 more. Kick in a Field Goal. And that gives the Cardinals 38 points.

So there it is Cardinals 38--Steelers--30

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nutball Gazette-The Championship Round Picks

Here we go. The team (Arizona) I said could not even compete in a Playoff game is hosting the NFC Championship Game. They are playing the team (Eagles) that in November was written off as a team that was in total disarray with the QBs and coaches future coming to a quick end.
The AFC has one team (Pittsburgh) that in the preseason was not given much a chance of being in the playoffs, The other team (Ravens) entered the season with their #3 QB (Joe Flacco) starting because they did not even have another QB and the #3 was a Rookie from a Division 1 AA School (University of Delaware)..(Has anyone even heard of that School?)

Eagles at Cardinals

The Cardinals have a QB in Kurt Warner who has plenty of big game experience (Played in 2 Super Bowls). They also have a very good running game and big play receivers. The defense is underrated too.
The Eagles have also have players with alot of big game experience namely Donovan McNabb, They are banged up, they do not have a big running back and do not have a real go to Receiver, But what the eagles do have is a defense with one of the top Defensive Coordinators in the NFL (Jim Johnson), I do think that Johnson will come up with a scheme that will be able to stop the Cards and Donovan McNabb ind Brian Westbrook makes big plays. Look for that to happen on Sunday.


Ravens at Steelers

This is a bitter grudge match, They do not like each other at all, The Steelers have home field
But the Ravens have showed they can win on the road, The Ravens have been winning by not making mistakes and playing top notch Defense, The Question is can Joe Flacco stay out of trouble in big pressure game. Also can Ben Roethlisbergerstay healthy with that Ravens defense? I do believe that the Steelers will make a few more plays to grind out a win.


Monday, January 12, 2009

A Shout Out

Hey everyone.
I will be back on Tuesday Evening with thoughts of this weekend, But right now I want to bring your attention to my "MUST RED" List that is to the right.
Mostly look at the Sports Blogs, I do have a somewhat New York Bias on my list. but
there are alot of real good ones there, and most of them have links to others that will bring you to teams that you are interested in, So take some time and click on to some of those blogs and have a good time.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Predictions from a Nutball (NFL Playoffs)

This weeks NFL Games

Saturday's games

Ravens at Titans..

Titans have the best record in the league. and Ravens only got in on the last weekend of the season aided by the collapse of the New York Paper Airplanes, The Titans have one of the best coaches in the NFL in the name of Jeff Fisher. They have more experience at QB with Kerry Collins, but they are going to be missing Kevin Mawae and that could be a huge loss against a great defense like the Titans. Still everything says the Titans should win at Home, But somehow the rookie QB Joe Flacco
will be the first rookie QB to ever win his first 2 Playoff games

Ravens 20---Titans--17

Cards at Panthers

Cards cannot and will not even compete traveling east in this game. Big Rout

Panthers 38----Cards--10

Sunday's games

Starting with the late game

Chargers at Steelers

Chargers are a Red Hot team, They have a great story, however the injuries to LaDainian Tomlinson and also with Antonio Gates hobbling (But he will Go) will be too much along with the Chargers being forced to play in a Hostile Climate.
Ben Roethlisberger appears to be healthy, reports say he is sharp in practice, I can see no way that the Chargers can come into Pittsburgh and win


Now for the big grudge match!
Eagles at Giants

Giants are the defending Super Bowl Champion, The Eagles needed all sorts of help to get in the playoffs after being given up for dead earlier in the season,
The Eagles still lack a big time running back and Brian Westbrook is hurting, also the Eagles do not have a go to receiver either, But the Defense is stellar.
The Giants have been here before and knows what it takes, They have a lethal running game (If Brandon Jacobs is Healthy) But he just might not be, Also without Plaxico Burress, Eli Manning does not have his guy to stretch out the Defense, I see the Eagles stacking the box and making it a long day for Eli Manning and the Giants, also the eagles in recent years have had the upper hand at Giants Stadium, So my pick is..


Sorry Dan and Pete.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Some thoughts from a Nutball

Eric Mangini is the Coach of The Cleveland Browns........
What? Rich Kottite not Available?

Carl Pavano signs with the Indians......
What a week for Cleveland Sports.

Brett Farve says he will take a while before deciding his future.......
I am shocked, This is not like him. He has always been so quick in deciding before.

Jet owner Woody Johnson makes time to meet with Bill Callahan and Brian Schottenheimer, But leaves the country rater than meet with Bill Cowher to be the next Head Coach of the New York Jets.....
All New York Jet fans are "Overjoyed" to see Woody has his priorities set.

Manny Ramirez remains a unsigned free agent....
I am sure he is convinced he did the career move by forcing his way out of

Florida and Oklahoma meets for the BCS Football Championship.....
It is nice to see that There is absolutely no Controversy on who the National Champion will be. So says Utah, Texas and USC.

Yankee payroll is projected to be 20 million dollars lower in 2009 than 2008.....
My gosh, they are trying to go the cheap route, One has to wonder if they can ever compete with the big spending teams like the Pirates, Marlins, and Royals.

Pacman Jones cut by the Cowboys after he may be in trouble....
Who would've thunk it? It is a shocker!!

Giants and Eagles meet in the Playoffs...
Should be love fest as New York Giant Fans and especially Philadelphia Eagle fans just love to party and associate with each others fans.