Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nutball Gazette-The Championship Round Picks

Here we go. The team (Arizona) I said could not even compete in a Playoff game is hosting the NFC Championship Game. They are playing the team (Eagles) that in November was written off as a team that was in total disarray with the QBs and coaches future coming to a quick end.
The AFC has one team (Pittsburgh) that in the preseason was not given much a chance of being in the playoffs, The other team (Ravens) entered the season with their #3 QB (Joe Flacco) starting because they did not even have another QB and the #3 was a Rookie from a Division 1 AA School (University of Delaware)..(Has anyone even heard of that School?)

Eagles at Cardinals

The Cardinals have a QB in Kurt Warner who has plenty of big game experience (Played in 2 Super Bowls). They also have a very good running game and big play receivers. The defense is underrated too.
The Eagles have also have players with alot of big game experience namely Donovan McNabb, They are banged up, they do not have a big running back and do not have a real go to Receiver, But what the eagles do have is a defense with one of the top Defensive Coordinators in the NFL (Jim Johnson), I do think that Johnson will come up with a scheme that will be able to stop the Cards and Donovan McNabb ind Brian Westbrook makes big plays. Look for that to happen on Sunday.


Ravens at Steelers

This is a bitter grudge match, They do not like each other at all, The Steelers have home field
But the Ravens have showed they can win on the road, The Ravens have been winning by not making mistakes and playing top notch Defense, The Question is can Joe Flacco stay out of trouble in big pressure game. Also can Ben Roethlisbergerstay healthy with that Ravens defense? I do believe that the Steelers will make a few more plays to grind out a win.



Lester's Legends said...

I hope you're right in the NFC. Don't care either way, but it would be nice if McNabb got redemption against Baltimore.

Anonymous said...

For the consistency's sake, I'm sticking w/ an all-bird Super Bowl. The Eagles thumped the Cards at home, but this one is on the road & the Cards are on a roll. With Westbrook, philly is more balanced.

I wish the NFL would play the game without a clock and inside a steel cage. Just image.