Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Nutball Gazette--MLB Postseason Predictions

Congratulations to the 2012 World Series Champion
Boston Red Sox.

huh, what, say what? The Red Sox are not in the what? They are not in the playoffs? When and how did that happen? They are the greatest team in Baseball History!!

Oh well, Lets review what "The Expert" saw for the 2012 season.
Lets not, Oh My "The Expert" has had a very good record of predicting overall seasons in both the NFL and MLB the past several seasons, WELL not this year.

"The Expert" said 1st in the east --Red Sox (Hitting is the best in Baseball, But relying on Beckett and Lackey?)

2nd in the East Not making the Playoffs --Yankees (If AJ Burnett, Hughes and Young Nova come up big the Yankees can win it all)
well on Nova 'The Expert' was right on.

4th in the East--Rays (If the Bullpen finds itself the rays could be a playoff team)

Twins win the Central
White Sox wild Card. Tigers in 3rd

A's in the West Rangers 2nd and Angels Last.

Now the NL

Braves (New Manager, Great results, Much Better)
Phillies (Note no asterisk, That means No Playoffs)
Marlins (Will Fade in 2nd half of season
Nationals (Some Hope in Washington)
Mets (100 losses and contends with Indians, and Pirates as worst team in baseball)

Brewers (Good Pitching and good bats)
Reds* (Last year no fluke)
Cubs (Very weak bottom 4 in this division)
Cardinals (Injuries, age and stress of Albert Pujols drags team down)
Astro's (Not Much Hope)
Pirates (Hopeless)

NL West D-Backs 4th

World Series Twins over Braves (Missed it by that much)

Now for 2011 Playoffs, I have been picking with my head and not my Heart.
This year I am going with
my Heart and Gut and maybe Wishful Thinking

Rays over Rangers in 4
Yankees over Tigers in 5

Cards over Phillies in 4
Brewers over D-Backs in 4

Rays over Yankees in 7
Brewers over Cards in 6

World Series
Rays over Brewers in 7



Now you have to be saying "Hey 'The Expert' you are a nutball with a statement like that"

I have proof. In the 20th Century the 1st team to win 2 World Series tittles was the Chicago Cubs, 1907 and 1908.

Well in the 21st Century the 1st team to win 2 World Series Tittles was "Your Boston Red Sox"

For the Cubs it is now 103 Years +

Yankee fans have been saying it will be 2093 till the Red Sox won a World Series. (86 Years after 2007), That would be a blessing to what the This "Curse" will be bringing.
Red Sox fans are now looking at 2111 at best till they have a chance to winning a World Series again.

Have a nice winter Red Sox Fans.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

week 3 picks

Week 3 is here. Only a few things are clear,
The Chiefs are awful. look for Todd Haley to be fired very soon
Cam Newton and Andy Dalton look amazingly good for a Rookie, especially for Rookies that did not have off season workouts to learn the systems,
The Colts are going to have a "LONG" season.
The Dolphins also are a team in turmoil, They need to overhaul the entire organization.
The Lions look for real.
Last week 12-4Season 23-9

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Nutball Gazette-"The Expert's" Week 2 Picks

Rambling thoughts of a Nutball
   Offense's way ahead of defense's...Jets not impressive at all on either side of ball...Steelers turnovers could become a huge concern...Could Ochocinco start becoming a distraction in New England? and what was Brady thinking telling fans to get lathered up? Dumb...Is it over for McNabb?...What is up with the Chiefs?..

Last week  Good Start 11-5 (Won my pool too with 12 right. I had Jacksonville winning till the cut Gerard) 
Sunday, September 18

Kansas City 13 at Detroit 23 - (Lions looking good, Chiefs in big trouble)Oakland 10 at Buffalo 24- (West Coast teams do not win east coast 1 PM games)
Cleveland 16 at Indianapolis 17- (Colts desperate for win)
Arizona 23 at Washingon 17 - (Arizona just maybe a contender)
Seattle 14 at Pittsburgh 24 - (Steelers should bounce back)
Chicago 20 at New Orleans 31 - (Saints should win going away)
Tampa Bay 16 at Minnesota 10- (Vikings looks like they are going to have a long season)
Green Bay 27 at Carolina 17 - (Cam Newton gets welcomed to the NFL by Packer Defense)
Baltimore 24 at Tennessee 16- (Ravens are rolling).
Jacksonville 13 at New York Jets 20 - (Jets need to show some improvement)
Dallas 34 at San Francisco 17 - (Dallas and Romo have big game)
Cincinnati 16 at Denver 13- (The ugly bowl, Broncos troubles deepen)
San Diego 23 at New England 37- (Patriots should be able to move ball at will)
Houston 24 at Miami 16 - (Texans continue to show they are for real)

Sunday Night
Philadelphia 23 at Atlanta 31- (Matt Ryan comes up big)
Monday, September 19
St Louis 17 at New York Giants 23- (Giants needs this game) 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Nutball Gazette-Week 1 Picks

And week 1 is here

Don't look for Peyton Manning to return this year
Making a change from original pick for the Jaguars with the idiotic cutting of David Gerard


Saints 17 @ Packers 26


Colts 10 @ Texans 24 (The start of something good)
Eagles 20 @ Rams 17 (Don't get to excited Eagle fans)
Titans 23 @ Jaguars 10
Giants 16 @ Redskins 20 A rare win for soon to be ex coach Shanahan
Bills 13 @ Chiefs 20
Panthers 16 @ Cardinals 23
Falcons 31 @ Bears 23
Seahawks 17 @ 49rs 27
Steelers 23 @ Ravens 27 (The loser of the Super Bowl always losses the opening day)
Vikings 17 @ Chargers 31
Bengals 6 @ Browns 23
Lions 20 @ Bucs 10 (A boy named Suh does lots of Damage)

Sunday Night

Cowboys 17 @ Jets 24 (Rex over Rob again)

Monday Night

Patriots 17 @ Dolphins 20 (Stunning upset)

Raiders 23 @ Broncos 17 (Someone has to win this game)

"The Expert" Returns--Season Predictions

It is that time of Year.
The Return of "The Expert"
His 2011 NFL Picks
Be Afraid, be Very Afraid.

First a look back at last year.

'The Expert' Picked The Patriots, Ravens, Colts and Raiders to win the divisions in the AFC
The Bengals and Texans as Wild Cards

The AFC Champions (Ravens)

In the NFC "The Expert" picked
The Cowboys, Packers, Saints and 49rs to win the Divisions
The Giants and Falcons as Wild cards

The NFC Champions (Packers)

Super Bowl,
Packers over Ravens
(How about that)

Now for this year

A few Notes,
Cowboys make playoffs because Wade Phillips is gone,
Texans make the playoffs because they have Wade Phillips



New England (11-5)-Typical Regular Season
*Jets (10-6)--A slight slip
Dolphins (7-9)
Bills (5-11)


Pittsburgh (12-4) Breaking the loser of the super Bowl Curse)
*Baltimore (11-5) Right there again
Cleveland (8-8) With a couple of breaks might challenge for a playoff berth
Cincinnati (3-13) It gets worst for the Bengals


Houston (10-6) It Finally Happens
Titans (8-8) A step forward
Colts (5-11) No Manning means the return of the bad old Colts
Jacksonville (4-12) The franchise begins it's drive to have no fans thus allowing a move to
Los Angeles


Chargers (12-4) Chargers make a major push
Chiefs (10-6)
Oakland (5-11)
Denver (4-12)

Wild card Round
Ravens over Texans
Patriots over Jets (Revenge)

Divisional Round
Chargers over Ravens
Steelers over Patriots

AFC Championship Game

Steelers over Chargers



Cowboys (11-5) Cowboys begin its return to the top
Eagles (9-7) So much for the Dream Team, Injuries derail Eagles
Giants (6-10) Injuries on defense and no receivers doom the Giants
Redskins (4-12) Mike Shanahan first coach to go


Packers (13-3) They are Healthy
*Detroit (10-6) Ndamukong Sue is a bad man and will help the Lions rise up
Chicago (8-8) Last year was a fluke
Minnesota (7-9) Could be a team to watch with a revived McNabb


New Orleans (12-4) Continues to impress
*Falcons (11-5) Back to contention
Tampa Bay (9-7) They will not sneak up on anyone this year, Next year is the Bucs year
Carolina (5-11) Better and exciting but it will still be a tough year


Rams (9-7) Gets better enough to win the division
Arizona (8-8) If Kolb is the QB some tink he can be they could win 10 to 12 games
Seattle (6-10) Tumbling
49rs (5-11) A step back before a huge step forward next year

Wild card Playoffs

Cowboys over Lions
Falcons over Rams

Divisional Playoffs

Packers over Cowboys
Falcons over Saints

NFC Championship game

Falcons over Packers


Steelers over Falcons