Friday, September 16, 2011

The Nutball Gazette-"The Expert's" Week 2 Picks

Rambling thoughts of a Nutball
   Offense's way ahead of defense's...Jets not impressive at all on either side of ball...Steelers turnovers could become a huge concern...Could Ochocinco start becoming a distraction in New England? and what was Brady thinking telling fans to get lathered up? Dumb...Is it over for McNabb?...What is up with the Chiefs?..

Last week  Good Start 11-5 (Won my pool too with 12 right. I had Jacksonville winning till the cut Gerard) 
Sunday, September 18

Kansas City 13 at Detroit 23 - (Lions looking good, Chiefs in big trouble)Oakland 10 at Buffalo 24- (West Coast teams do not win east coast 1 PM games)
Cleveland 16 at Indianapolis 17- (Colts desperate for win)
Arizona 23 at Washingon 17 - (Arizona just maybe a contender)
Seattle 14 at Pittsburgh 24 - (Steelers should bounce back)
Chicago 20 at New Orleans 31 - (Saints should win going away)
Tampa Bay 16 at Minnesota 10- (Vikings looks like they are going to have a long season)
Green Bay 27 at Carolina 17 - (Cam Newton gets welcomed to the NFL by Packer Defense)
Baltimore 24 at Tennessee 16- (Ravens are rolling).
Jacksonville 13 at New York Jets 20 - (Jets need to show some improvement)
Dallas 34 at San Francisco 17 - (Dallas and Romo have big game)
Cincinnati 16 at Denver 13- (The ugly bowl, Broncos troubles deepen)
San Diego 23 at New England 37- (Patriots should be able to move ball at will)
Houston 24 at Miami 16 - (Texans continue to show they are for real)

Sunday Night
Philadelphia 23 at Atlanta 31- (Matt Ryan comes up big)
Monday, September 19
St Louis 17 at New York Giants 23- (Giants needs this game) 


Of Great one said...

Dear Expert -

I like your picks. I do wonder if Arizona might actually be
surprised by the Skins - who despite Grossman might be a lot
better on three sides of the ball than Cards can handle (then
again it is the dead-skins and they can find a way to lose).

I also hope, hope, hope hope, you are right about the Falcons
- who looked like crap last weekend and are riding a bad
streak of sorts against the bad birds... Did I mention, I hate
the Eagles.

Lastly, the giants will have a long season with few wins and I
don't think this will be one of them... E.Manning is no P.
Manning! Good Luck. Missed seeing you this year!

nutballgazette said...

You hate the Eagles? I didn't know that. You never said that before, Good observations
I missed seeing you too, Didn't get to see anyone this year.