Thursday, September 8, 2011

"The Expert" Returns--Season Predictions

It is that time of Year.
The Return of "The Expert"
His 2011 NFL Picks
Be Afraid, be Very Afraid.

First a look back at last year.

'The Expert' Picked The Patriots, Ravens, Colts and Raiders to win the divisions in the AFC
The Bengals and Texans as Wild Cards

The AFC Champions (Ravens)

In the NFC "The Expert" picked
The Cowboys, Packers, Saints and 49rs to win the Divisions
The Giants and Falcons as Wild cards

The NFC Champions (Packers)

Super Bowl,
Packers over Ravens
(How about that)

Now for this year

A few Notes,
Cowboys make playoffs because Wade Phillips is gone,
Texans make the playoffs because they have Wade Phillips



New England (11-5)-Typical Regular Season
*Jets (10-6)--A slight slip
Dolphins (7-9)
Bills (5-11)


Pittsburgh (12-4) Breaking the loser of the super Bowl Curse)
*Baltimore (11-5) Right there again
Cleveland (8-8) With a couple of breaks might challenge for a playoff berth
Cincinnati (3-13) It gets worst for the Bengals


Houston (10-6) It Finally Happens
Titans (8-8) A step forward
Colts (5-11) No Manning means the return of the bad old Colts
Jacksonville (4-12) The franchise begins it's drive to have no fans thus allowing a move to
Los Angeles


Chargers (12-4) Chargers make a major push
Chiefs (10-6)
Oakland (5-11)
Denver (4-12)

Wild card Round
Ravens over Texans
Patriots over Jets (Revenge)

Divisional Round
Chargers over Ravens
Steelers over Patriots

AFC Championship Game

Steelers over Chargers



Cowboys (11-5) Cowboys begin its return to the top
Eagles (9-7) So much for the Dream Team, Injuries derail Eagles
Giants (6-10) Injuries on defense and no receivers doom the Giants
Redskins (4-12) Mike Shanahan first coach to go


Packers (13-3) They are Healthy
*Detroit (10-6) Ndamukong Sue is a bad man and will help the Lions rise up
Chicago (8-8) Last year was a fluke
Minnesota (7-9) Could be a team to watch with a revived McNabb


New Orleans (12-4) Continues to impress
*Falcons (11-5) Back to contention
Tampa Bay (9-7) They will not sneak up on anyone this year, Next year is the Bucs year
Carolina (5-11) Better and exciting but it will still be a tough year


Rams (9-7) Gets better enough to win the division
Arizona (8-8) If Kolb is the QB some tink he can be they could win 10 to 12 games
Seattle (6-10) Tumbling
49rs (5-11) A step back before a huge step forward next year

Wild card Playoffs

Cowboys over Lions
Falcons over Rams

Divisional Playoffs

Packers over Cowboys
Falcons over Saints

NFC Championship game

Falcons over Packers


Steelers over Falcons

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