Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Nutball Gazette-Week 8 Picks

Week 8 Picks, I made 2 brain-dead picks and I knew it at the time and I lost both

Sorry for late picks, Very Tough week for me and my family

Last Week 8-6
Season an awful 54-50

Byes--Falcons, Bears, Browns, Ravens, Eagles, Giants

Redskins-24 @ Lions-20 (Shaky going with this pick, Lions are better than record and Skins are only a so-so team)

Titans-27 @ Chargers-20 (Chargers should be 5-2 or 4-3 with the talent, but they play stupid football and are poorly coached)

Bills-17 @ Chiefs-27 (Bills had their one huge game, no way they play that well 2 games in a row and the Chiefs may be as good as the record shows)

Bucs-17 @ Cardinals-23 (Neither team is as good as the record indicates, Go with the Home team)

Broncos-20 vs 49rs-17 @London--After this Game #10 Downing Street and Queen Elizabeth will declare war against the USA for us sending them these 2 teams)

Vikings-14 @ Patriots-38 (Brett Favre playing? He can't move, He will throw one early TD pass that will make you say wow, But the Patriots will hound him by forcing several fumbles and Ints, and probably knock Favre out of the game and more than likely into Retirement)

Dolphins-23 @ Bengals-17 (Dolphins end Marvin Lewis's coaching stint in Cincinnati)

Seahawks-24 @ Raiders-13 (Raiders used up all their points of the year in Denver, Seahawks are one of the big surprises of the year)

Panthers-16 @ Cards-23 (Rams continue to amaze and surprise people and Panthers will show they are really awful)

Jaguars-13 @ Cowboys-20 (Jaguars is another team not as good as record indicates, Cowboys defensive talent will allow them to squeeze by Jags, If Cowboys lose and lets up alot of points you have to believe that the decision will be made to fire Phillips and it cannot wait to show the fans that something will be done about the under-performing Cowboys)

Packers-17 @ Jets-27 (Too many injuries for Packers and Jets seem to be clicking now and some say Revis is Healthy)


Steelers-23 @ Saints-16 (Saints still are hungover from last year and Steeler defense will hound Brees into several more mistakes).


Texans-24 @ Colts-30 (The Texans seem to be missing something and Colts are not the team they have been in the past, Going with the Home Team, Not enough guts to pick the Ravens)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Nutball Gazette--World Series Predictions

Well "The Expert" is back with his Stone Cold Bet the Mortgage predictions tat cannot go wrong, The thing about "The Expert" is he has given bad advise

Here is the Proof.

AL PLAYOFFS--(Pre Season)
White Sox (WC) over Angels--4
Yankees over Tigers--4
ALCS--Yankees over White Sox--6
NL Playoffs
Phillies over Giants--3
Braves (WC) over Cardinals--5
Phillies over Braves--6
YANKEES OVER PHILLIES IN 7 GAMES (Oops Missed it by that much)

My Picks at the Beginning of the Playoffs
Twins over Yankees in 4
Rays over Rangers in 5
Phils over Reds in 4
Giants over Braves in 3
Twins over Rays in 7
Phils over Giants in 5
World Series
Phillies over Twins in 6

You see How great "The Expert" is?

Then the Picks for the ALCS and NLCS--

Phillies in 5

I say Yankees in 6. (You always can count on "The Expert")

First Who should Yankee fans root for. I would say to root for the rival of the Team they shared a Stadium in when what would become "The Bronx Bombers"
the Crosstown Rivals (New York Giants)

Now for this year's World Series Picks. ("The Expert"s picks has shown you that it is a guarantee for you to get rich with these Picks

Rangers have Cliff Lee who is on the verge of becoming among if not the best post season pitcher ever. They have the great story of Josh Hamilton who was highly touted as a kid and almost destroyed his life with drug addiction and has come back as a truly great player who everyone has to root for.

Giants have "The Freak" Tim Lincecum who when you look at him you would say he must be the as a great of a surfer as Kelly Slater (Local Brevard County Fl. Kid)

For people who are from the Brevard County area this is also a battle of Melbourne's Bruce Bochy and Merritt Islands Clint Hurdle

Now for the Pick. I see Cliff Lee pitching in Games 1 and 5 (I think he should go 1-4-7) Rangers have explosive hitting
Giants have a great deep rotation and a Solid Bullpen and a lock-down Closer They do not have the explosive bats But they do score when given a chance, I think this will come down to who makes mistakes in the field and gives extra outs or bases.
So with 4 games in San Francisco it means Vlad in the Outfield for 4 games, and that is the difference, I see Vlad making a mistake that cost Texas a game. and in games 2 2,3 and 4 The Giants have the edge in pitching winning 2 of them, Lincecum wins at least 1 time vs Lee in a 1-0 or 2-1 game,

So the Prediction is

Giants in 6

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rambling Thoughts of a Nutball

Lock this. Either Brett Favre will be benched, Retire or Brad Childress will be fired in the next 48 Hours

Look for Jack Del Rio to be fired after next weeks game and Mike Singletary to be fired if the49rs lose next Sunday

Broncos Coach Josh McDaniels had better start showing progress soon or he will be gone after the season

Marvin Lewis has to be in trouble and Carson Palmer had better start showing something or he will be gone

The New Orleans Aints are back

And then there is Norv Turner, He will be gone by seasons end or quicker

World Series might be a compelling one, Giant great pitching and timely hitting with Rangers with a Great Starter (Cliff Lee) some other pretty good pitchers and some great hitters,

Yankees and Phillies fans are playing the blame game (A-Rod and Ryan Howard) But this turned out to be the best week for Mets Fans since October 1986

NHL-It is too early to tell what is going on, Lightning shows some life


Yankee Future by Persiphone Hellecat

Today I am posting a reply to a blog I posted on Facebook.

This is done by a Facebook Friend and Author 'Persiphone Hellecat'

I posted a blog from the Yes Network Site by Jon Lane "2011 Mishandled but not Bleak"

It points out that the Yankees have a good core of young players on the roster and some very highly touted youngsters in the farm system,
So Persiphone Hellecat responded with a well thought out response, here it is.

Yankee Future is Bright by Persiphone Hellecat

I completely agree. Montero's time has come. Cisco started the season with a glimmer of hope but it faded fast. While Posada is loved and should have a lifetime pass, he just cannot catch day to day anymore. Time has come for him to tutor Montero the way Girardi tutored him. Montero is the future. I also agree that we have a good core of young players to build on.

Hughes needs seasoning. He did not handle the big game well this year. The All Star Game showed us that. He wears his heart on his sleeve too much during key games. And teams know that. He hasn't developed the steely demeanor of an Andy Pettitte yet. But Andy could certainly work with him on that.

I am going to go out on a limb as one of the few fans who isn't ready to give up on Joba. He started the season great filling in for Mo. He crashed midseason when he lost both velocity and location. But in the last month of the season his velocity was back and location was significantly better. He shaved a point off his ERA. If Mo could teach him to throw a cutter, and if he could shake off the disastrous results of Joba Rules (not his fault) we would have something.

AJ - I just don't get. An obviously talented pitcher, he is a walking disaster. I am wondering if it is time for a new pitching coach. Eiland was chosen because he had been with the Baby Bombers, but now I am not at all sure he is effective anymore. Surely he is not getting the results Kevin Long is getting with hitters. I sure wish Gator would come back. Or Goose.

As for Girardi, I would take him back on one condition - he loses those damn books.

I have said it all season and the playoffs proved it. There is one element that the Yankees have not had for several years. A Ramiro Mendoza. A long reliever who can come in early if necessary and get the team into late innings when the set up man and closer can take over. Someone who can also pitch a spot start now and then when necessary. Very important player. Mendoza was a huge part of those Dynasty teams. This one inning or even one batter mix and match crap is not the way to go. We need a solid, reliable bullpen guy who can give us more than 3 outs. Either find one or make one.

I am not seeing Lee coming to NY. I doubt that Nolan Ryan is going to even consider it. He bought the team with Lee on it and I doubt he is going to give up a franchise player at this stage of the game. We need to look at other options and not go to pieces when we fail to grab Lee from the Rangers. I sure would love to go after The Freak, but that is doubtful too -even though he has two years left on what is a pretty crappy contract.

Let's all pray this was Jeter's one off year. Everybody is entitled. He hit about 30 points below his career average. Scary in a contract year. Was he hiding an injury? I don't know. But I think Cashman's first priority MUST be to sit down iwth him and iron it out. Signing him right out of the gate will be important to the morale of the team. It was pretty obvious Jeter knew he wasn't going to be seeing a similar paycheck anymore when he put his fancy NY apartment on the block. Sign him and Mo immediately - they are the heart of the Yankees.

A-Rod is worrisome too. Was this his off year or does he even have enough left to work his way up the homerun ladder? His fielding improved but his hitting was downright bad at times. Eyes? Maybe. Could be time for lasix eye surgery. It worked for Bernie.

The main thing is that this will be the first Hot Stove season for Hal and Cash without The Boss. The secret is not to panic. Don't completely disassemble - just fill in key spots and work around what is a strong young base and make damn sure that our three outfielders and A-Rod spend a lot of time with Kevin Long this winter.

That's where I stand right now. We will be back. Persi

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Nutball Gazette-Week 7 Picks

"The Expert" returns

Making his Week & Picks, Guaranteeing you will get rich with these picks, Just go the other way

Last Week Another 6-8 Week (Sunday Night and Monday Night saved me from my first 10 loss week)

Season--46-44--OMG That is straight up

Don't ask me why I am picking these Games, Just going from the Gut, Maybe it will be better than the Brain I used this past 6 weeks

Bengals 23 @ Falcons 21 (Makes no sense)

Cleveland 13 @ Saints 35

Bills 3 @ Ravens 27

Jaguars 10 @ Chiefs 31

49rs 23 @ Panthers 13 (West Coast to East Coast 1 PM Jinx will not come into play) "I Think"

Redskins 20 @ Bears 10 (Cutler and rest of Bears QB gets sacked at least 7 times)

Cardinals 10 @ Seahawks 24 (Seahawks might be a decent team)

Patriots 24 @ Chargers 13 (Patriots somehow plugs in players and win and Chargers are just awful, Might be Norv Turners last game)

Steelers 27 @ Dolphins 17 (Steelers are the best team in the NFL)

Eagles 23 @ Titans 24 (Game of the day, Titans can play and Kolb is the real deal, Home Crowd makes the difference)

Rams 27 @ Bucs 10 (Bucs will prove to be who we thought they were)

Sunday Night

Vikings 23 @ Packers 17 (Packers injuries are just too much)

Monday Night

Giants 27 @ Cowboys 21 (Cowboys do enough blunders to cost them the game, Again)

Forgot one game

Raiders 9 @ Broncos 24 (I goofed missing this one)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Harpo plays "Take me out to the ball game" on I love Lucy

It Is October, Nothing like Playoff baseball and the 7th Inning Stretch
Here is a Classic edition of Take Me Out To The Ballgame"

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Nutball Gazette-Week 6 Picks

Well we are going to try this again

The Horror show continues

Last Week 6-8---Uggh
Last 3 weeks 20-24---Ugggh!!!
Season 40-36--Oh Crap--I S**k

Time to go old school The Nutball Gazette

"The Expert" continues to lobby the NFL and Congress to have all teams called by the City where they play,
First some comments, We have a match-up of 2 of the biggest underachievers in the NFL. The Cowboys who have lots of talent but are brainless with the worst Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator in Recent history, They play the Vikings with Brett Favre who looks like he wants out and wants out soon and they are another team with a coach without a clue.

What is going on with the Colts?

The Bengals have huge problems, Carson Palmer looks like a typical USC QB and Marvin Lewis has lost control of this team, He may not be there much longer

The Saints look like they did the last part of the season and it looks like the Super Bowl was a fluke

And Tom (Justin Bieber) Brady got called out and bitch slapped by Bieber, One has to wonder if Brady can ever recover

Now the Picks with Scores and Real names

Byes this week---Buffalo/Toronto Bills, Glendale Cardinals , Charlotte Panthers and Cincinnati

Miami Gardens Dolphins 13 @ Green Bay 17 (It is in Miami Gardens)

Baltimore 20 @ Foxborough Patriots 13 (Not Boston or New England)

New Orleans 24 @ Tampa Bucs 17 (Tampa Bay is a body of water)

Detroit 13 @ East Rutherford Giants 24--(And it is New Jersey)

East Rutherford Jets 13 @ Denver 16 (Jets suffer Monday Night letdown)

Arlington Cowboys 23 @ Minneapolis Vikings 16 (Maybe Favre's last game?) (At Least it is not the Irving Cowboys anymore)


Indianapolis 28 @ Landover Redskins 13 (No team in Washington DC)


Nashville Titans 23 at Jacksonville 13

The Nutball Gazette--NLCS and ALCS predictions

Well we are down to the Final 4 in Baseaball

I was 2 and 2 in series picks, I nailed the NL Picks but was misquoted in the ALDS Picks

First the NLCS

Giants vs Phillies

This series has the potential to be an old fashioned NL classic,,I could see this going 7 games with every game being 1-0, but I think this is going 5, all low scoring, The Giants just do not have enough hitting to stay with the Phillies

Phillies in 5

Now the ALCS

Yankees and Rangers

Going into the 1st round I did not think that the Yankee pitching could compete but the Yankee pitching came up big, CC will be OK and Andy Pettitte was Andy and Phil Hughes just might become the pitcher the Yankees said the would become tis off season. Yankees cought a break that Cliff Lee can not go to Game 3 and I think that could be the difference
The Yankees do need to win one of the 1st 2 games in Arlington, If they do not they will be out in 5, But I think the Yankees will win game 1 and even if they lose 2 and 3 with Lee beating Pettite the Yankees should be able to win 4 and 5 at the Stadium and finish it in game 6, (Cliff Lee will not go on 3 days rest)

So I say Yankees in 6.

Still can not see anyone beating the Phillies in the World Series

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Nutball Gazette-Week 5 Picks

NFL Week 5 Picks

From the Award Winning Prognosticator
(5 time winner of the Beano Cook I know everything award)

Last Week 7-7 (Uggh again)
Season Total--34-28

Observations for this week-
Patriots seem to be willing to throw away this year but with all the Draft Picks they have they will be good pretty quick and for a long time

Surprising Jets are getting great running and Dustin Keller is becoming the Wes Welker for them and Sanchez seems to be playing smart ball

Packers Defense is awful and more injuries may be fatal in the long run,

Colts seem to have huge Defensive problems

Though the Steelers did lose this week the AFC seems to be at this time a battle between the Steelers, Ravens and Jets

Michael Vick Injury could be a huge setback to Eagles,

Cannot get a feel for the real Redskins or Giants.

Mike Singletary seems to be coaching for his job now

Will Dallas keep it going in a game they should win or will stupid decisions cost them again

Now the Picks (Winners in Bold)

Week 5back to top »
Jacksonville at Buffalo1:00 PMCBSTickets | TravelRalph Wilson Stadium
Tampa Bay at Cincinnati1:00 PMFOXTickets | TravelPaul Brown Stadium
Atlanta at Cleveland1:00 PMFOXTickets | TravelCleveland Browns Stadium
St. Louis at Detroit (Finally)1:00 PMFOXTickets | TravelFord Field
Kansas City at Indianapolis1:00 PMCBSTickets | TravelLucas Oil Stadium
Green Bay at Washington1:00 PMFOXTickets | TravelFedEx Field
Chicago at Carolina No QB for Bears1:00 PMFOXTickets | TravelBank of America Stadium
Denver at Baltimore1:00 PMCBSTickets | TravelM&T Bank Stadium
NY Giants at Houston1:00 PMFOXTickets | TravelReliant Stadium
New Orleans at Arizona4:05 PMFOXTickets | TravelU of Phoenix Stadium
San Diego at Oakland4:15 PMCBSTickets | TravelOakland-Alameda County Coliseum
Tennessee at Dallas4:15 PMCBSTickets | TravelCowboys Stadium
Philadelphia at San Francisco8:20 PMNBCTickets | TravelCandlestick Park
Minnesota at NY Jets--Favre gets beat up bad8:30 PMTickets | TravelNew Meadowlands Stadium
·Bye: Miami, New England, Pittsburgh, Seattle