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Yankee Future by Persiphone Hellecat

Today I am posting a reply to a blog I posted on Facebook.

This is done by a Facebook Friend and Author 'Persiphone Hellecat'

I posted a blog from the Yes Network Site by Jon Lane "2011 Mishandled but not Bleak"

It points out that the Yankees have a good core of young players on the roster and some very highly touted youngsters in the farm system,
So Persiphone Hellecat responded with a well thought out response, here it is.

Yankee Future is Bright by Persiphone Hellecat

I completely agree. Montero's time has come. Cisco started the season with a glimmer of hope but it faded fast. While Posada is loved and should have a lifetime pass, he just cannot catch day to day anymore. Time has come for him to tutor Montero the way Girardi tutored him. Montero is the future. I also agree that we have a good core of young players to build on.

Hughes needs seasoning. He did not handle the big game well this year. The All Star Game showed us that. He wears his heart on his sleeve too much during key games. And teams know that. He hasn't developed the steely demeanor of an Andy Pettitte yet. But Andy could certainly work with him on that.

I am going to go out on a limb as one of the few fans who isn't ready to give up on Joba. He started the season great filling in for Mo. He crashed midseason when he lost both velocity and location. But in the last month of the season his velocity was back and location was significantly better. He shaved a point off his ERA. If Mo could teach him to throw a cutter, and if he could shake off the disastrous results of Joba Rules (not his fault) we would have something.

AJ - I just don't get. An obviously talented pitcher, he is a walking disaster. I am wondering if it is time for a new pitching coach. Eiland was chosen because he had been with the Baby Bombers, but now I am not at all sure he is effective anymore. Surely he is not getting the results Kevin Long is getting with hitters. I sure wish Gator would come back. Or Goose.

As for Girardi, I would take him back on one condition - he loses those damn books.

I have said it all season and the playoffs proved it. There is one element that the Yankees have not had for several years. A Ramiro Mendoza. A long reliever who can come in early if necessary and get the team into late innings when the set up man and closer can take over. Someone who can also pitch a spot start now and then when necessary. Very important player. Mendoza was a huge part of those Dynasty teams. This one inning or even one batter mix and match crap is not the way to go. We need a solid, reliable bullpen guy who can give us more than 3 outs. Either find one or make one.

I am not seeing Lee coming to NY. I doubt that Nolan Ryan is going to even consider it. He bought the team with Lee on it and I doubt he is going to give up a franchise player at this stage of the game. We need to look at other options and not go to pieces when we fail to grab Lee from the Rangers. I sure would love to go after The Freak, but that is doubtful too -even though he has two years left on what is a pretty crappy contract.

Let's all pray this was Jeter's one off year. Everybody is entitled. He hit about 30 points below his career average. Scary in a contract year. Was he hiding an injury? I don't know. But I think Cashman's first priority MUST be to sit down iwth him and iron it out. Signing him right out of the gate will be important to the morale of the team. It was pretty obvious Jeter knew he wasn't going to be seeing a similar paycheck anymore when he put his fancy NY apartment on the block. Sign him and Mo immediately - they are the heart of the Yankees.

A-Rod is worrisome too. Was this his off year or does he even have enough left to work his way up the homerun ladder? His fielding improved but his hitting was downright bad at times. Eyes? Maybe. Could be time for lasix eye surgery. It worked for Bernie.

The main thing is that this will be the first Hot Stove season for Hal and Cash without The Boss. The secret is not to panic. Don't completely disassemble - just fill in key spots and work around what is a strong young base and make damn sure that our three outfielders and A-Rod spend a lot of time with Kevin Long this winter.

That's where I stand right now. We will be back. Persi

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