Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Nutball Gazette--World Series Predictions

Well "The Expert" is back with his Stone Cold Bet the Mortgage predictions tat cannot go wrong, The thing about "The Expert" is he has given bad advise

Here is the Proof.

AL PLAYOFFS--(Pre Season)
White Sox (WC) over Angels--4
Yankees over Tigers--4
ALCS--Yankees over White Sox--6
NL Playoffs
Phillies over Giants--3
Braves (WC) over Cardinals--5
Phillies over Braves--6
YANKEES OVER PHILLIES IN 7 GAMES (Oops Missed it by that much)

My Picks at the Beginning of the Playoffs
Twins over Yankees in 4
Rays over Rangers in 5
Phils over Reds in 4
Giants over Braves in 3
Twins over Rays in 7
Phils over Giants in 5
World Series
Phillies over Twins in 6

You see How great "The Expert" is?

Then the Picks for the ALCS and NLCS--

Phillies in 5

I say Yankees in 6. (You always can count on "The Expert")

First Who should Yankee fans root for. I would say to root for the rival of the Team they shared a Stadium in when what would become "The Bronx Bombers"
the Crosstown Rivals (New York Giants)

Now for this year's World Series Picks. ("The Expert"s picks has shown you that it is a guarantee for you to get rich with these Picks

Rangers have Cliff Lee who is on the verge of becoming among if not the best post season pitcher ever. They have the great story of Josh Hamilton who was highly touted as a kid and almost destroyed his life with drug addiction and has come back as a truly great player who everyone has to root for.

Giants have "The Freak" Tim Lincecum who when you look at him you would say he must be the as a great of a surfer as Kelly Slater (Local Brevard County Fl. Kid)

For people who are from the Brevard County area this is also a battle of Melbourne's Bruce Bochy and Merritt Islands Clint Hurdle

Now for the Pick. I see Cliff Lee pitching in Games 1 and 5 (I think he should go 1-4-7) Rangers have explosive hitting
Giants have a great deep rotation and a Solid Bullpen and a lock-down Closer They do not have the explosive bats But they do score when given a chance, I think this will come down to who makes mistakes in the field and gives extra outs or bases.
So with 4 games in San Francisco it means Vlad in the Outfield for 4 games, and that is the difference, I see Vlad making a mistake that cost Texas a game. and in games 2 2,3 and 4 The Giants have the edge in pitching winning 2 of them, Lincecum wins at least 1 time vs Lee in a 1-0 or 2-1 game,

So the Prediction is

Giants in 6

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