Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Nutball Gazette--NLCS and ALCS predictions

Well we are down to the Final 4 in Baseaball

I was 2 and 2 in series picks, I nailed the NL Picks but was misquoted in the ALDS Picks

First the NLCS

Giants vs Phillies

This series has the potential to be an old fashioned NL classic,,I could see this going 7 games with every game being 1-0, but I think this is going 5, all low scoring, The Giants just do not have enough hitting to stay with the Phillies

Phillies in 5

Now the ALCS

Yankees and Rangers

Going into the 1st round I did not think that the Yankee pitching could compete but the Yankee pitching came up big, CC will be OK and Andy Pettitte was Andy and Phil Hughes just might become the pitcher the Yankees said the would become tis off season. Yankees cought a break that Cliff Lee can not go to Game 3 and I think that could be the difference
The Yankees do need to win one of the 1st 2 games in Arlington, If they do not they will be out in 5, But I think the Yankees will win game 1 and even if they lose 2 and 3 with Lee beating Pettite the Yankees should be able to win 4 and 5 at the Stadium and finish it in game 6, (Cliff Lee will not go on 3 days rest)

So I say Yankees in 6.

Still can not see anyone beating the Phillies in the World Series

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afrankangle said...

Phillies-Giants could be interesting. Phillies beat my Reds with better pitching and defense - but people forget that the Phillies didn't hit that well. Giants have good pitching too, so I see two key questions:
1) Will Phil pitching continue to be on fire?

2) Will SF pitching keep the Phillies off balance?