Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Nutball Gazette-Week 7 Picks

"The Expert" returns

Making his Week & Picks, Guaranteeing you will get rich with these picks, Just go the other way

Last Week Another 6-8 Week (Sunday Night and Monday Night saved me from my first 10 loss week)

Season--46-44--OMG That is straight up

Don't ask me why I am picking these Games, Just going from the Gut, Maybe it will be better than the Brain I used this past 6 weeks

Bengals 23 @ Falcons 21 (Makes no sense)

Cleveland 13 @ Saints 35

Bills 3 @ Ravens 27

Jaguars 10 @ Chiefs 31

49rs 23 @ Panthers 13 (West Coast to East Coast 1 PM Jinx will not come into play) "I Think"

Redskins 20 @ Bears 10 (Cutler and rest of Bears QB gets sacked at least 7 times)

Cardinals 10 @ Seahawks 24 (Seahawks might be a decent team)

Patriots 24 @ Chargers 13 (Patriots somehow plugs in players and win and Chargers are just awful, Might be Norv Turners last game)

Steelers 27 @ Dolphins 17 (Steelers are the best team in the NFL)

Eagles 23 @ Titans 24 (Game of the day, Titans can play and Kolb is the real deal, Home Crowd makes the difference)

Rams 27 @ Bucs 10 (Bucs will prove to be who we thought they were)

Sunday Night

Vikings 23 @ Packers 17 (Packers injuries are just too much)

Monday Night

Giants 27 @ Cowboys 21 (Cowboys do enough blunders to cost them the game, Again)

Forgot one game

Raiders 9 @ Broncos 24 (I goofed missing this one)

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afrankangle said...

Well ... you were right ... it made no sense to pick the Bengals over Atlanta.