Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Nutball Gazette-Week 6 Picks

Well we are going to try this again

The Horror show continues

Last Week 6-8---Uggh
Last 3 weeks 20-24---Ugggh!!!
Season 40-36--Oh Crap--I S**k

Time to go old school The Nutball Gazette

"The Expert" continues to lobby the NFL and Congress to have all teams called by the City where they play,
First some comments, We have a match-up of 2 of the biggest underachievers in the NFL. The Cowboys who have lots of talent but are brainless with the worst Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator in Recent history, They play the Vikings with Brett Favre who looks like he wants out and wants out soon and they are another team with a coach without a clue.

What is going on with the Colts?

The Bengals have huge problems, Carson Palmer looks like a typical USC QB and Marvin Lewis has lost control of this team, He may not be there much longer

The Saints look like they did the last part of the season and it looks like the Super Bowl was a fluke

And Tom (Justin Bieber) Brady got called out and bitch slapped by Bieber, One has to wonder if Brady can ever recover

Now the Picks with Scores and Real names

Byes this week---Buffalo/Toronto Bills, Glendale Cardinals , Charlotte Panthers and Cincinnati

Miami Gardens Dolphins 13 @ Green Bay 17 (It is in Miami Gardens)

Baltimore 20 @ Foxborough Patriots 13 (Not Boston or New England)

New Orleans 24 @ Tampa Bucs 17 (Tampa Bay is a body of water)

Detroit 13 @ East Rutherford Giants 24--(And it is New Jersey)

East Rutherford Jets 13 @ Denver 16 (Jets suffer Monday Night letdown)

Arlington Cowboys 23 @ Minneapolis Vikings 16 (Maybe Favre's last game?) (At Least it is not the Irving Cowboys anymore)


Indianapolis 28 @ Landover Redskins 13 (No team in Washington DC)


Nashville Titans 23 at Jacksonville 13


afrankangle said...

Alright Nutball ... I noticed a couple of upsets, so good luck.

My Bengals offense doesn't realize that it isn't who they think they are ... thus also ignoring who they actually are. Well, I explain on my site. Locals are on Carson more than Marvin. Should be interesting to see how it plays out.

Good luck with your picks.

nutballgazette said...

Am I not the greatest in picks ever?

4-8 so far,

Mo Morrissey said...

I gave up all hope of picking. After 4 weeks I was .500. You're a better man than me for keeping it up.