Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rambling Thoughts of a Nutball

Lock this. Either Brett Favre will be benched, Retire or Brad Childress will be fired in the next 48 Hours

Look for Jack Del Rio to be fired after next weeks game and Mike Singletary to be fired if the49rs lose next Sunday

Broncos Coach Josh McDaniels had better start showing progress soon or he will be gone after the season

Marvin Lewis has to be in trouble and Carson Palmer had better start showing something or he will be gone

The New Orleans Aints are back

And then there is Norv Turner, He will be gone by seasons end or quicker

World Series might be a compelling one, Giant great pitching and timely hitting with Rangers with a Great Starter (Cliff Lee) some other pretty good pitchers and some great hitters,

Yankees and Phillies fans are playing the blame game (A-Rod and Ryan Howard) But this turned out to be the best week for Mets Fans since October 1986

NHL-It is too early to tell what is going on, Lightning shows some life



Footdude said...

Favre--Benched is the most likely scenario

Coaches Fired-Del Rio no;Singletary is in a lot of trouble

Broncos--I don't see it;he gets another year

Bengals Lewis Fired?-again,don't see it.Lewis stays

Aints--so far no good

Norv Turner-agree here.Norv needs to pull another rabbit out of his hat or he does go

World Series--Giants in 7.Texas meets its match.Bochy manages aggressively and Posey and Ross are hot

Yankees-Phillies and Met Happy Days--Met fans had best focus on their own turkey of a team.The Mets won't contend for at least 3 years as presently constituted

NBA--Thunder is up and coming.They go to the West Finals and lose to LA

afrankangle said...

Nutball .... if nothing else, you've identified the hot seats. But hey - at least you aren't afraid to go out on a limb.

On the Bengals front, remember this - like him or not, owner Mike Brown is very loyal to his guys.

3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

castrating the peddp Favre would be best

but Gramps is washed up too`

Why is Turner a coach? he is the worst

WS? = GO TEXAS! Giants got 1 in New York at least, even if it is a long time ago
Rangers got nothing
plus want to see a guy like Vlad get a ring