Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Nutball Gazette-Week 8 Picks

Week 8 Picks, I made 2 brain-dead picks and I knew it at the time and I lost both

Sorry for late picks, Very Tough week for me and my family

Last Week 8-6
Season an awful 54-50

Byes--Falcons, Bears, Browns, Ravens, Eagles, Giants

Redskins-24 @ Lions-20 (Shaky going with this pick, Lions are better than record and Skins are only a so-so team)

Titans-27 @ Chargers-20 (Chargers should be 5-2 or 4-3 with the talent, but they play stupid football and are poorly coached)

Bills-17 @ Chiefs-27 (Bills had their one huge game, no way they play that well 2 games in a row and the Chiefs may be as good as the record shows)

Bucs-17 @ Cardinals-23 (Neither team is as good as the record indicates, Go with the Home team)

Broncos-20 vs 49rs-17 @London--After this Game #10 Downing Street and Queen Elizabeth will declare war against the USA for us sending them these 2 teams)

Vikings-14 @ Patriots-38 (Brett Favre playing? He can't move, He will throw one early TD pass that will make you say wow, But the Patriots will hound him by forcing several fumbles and Ints, and probably knock Favre out of the game and more than likely into Retirement)

Dolphins-23 @ Bengals-17 (Dolphins end Marvin Lewis's coaching stint in Cincinnati)

Seahawks-24 @ Raiders-13 (Raiders used up all their points of the year in Denver, Seahawks are one of the big surprises of the year)

Panthers-16 @ Cards-23 (Rams continue to amaze and surprise people and Panthers will show they are really awful)

Jaguars-13 @ Cowboys-20 (Jaguars is another team not as good as record indicates, Cowboys defensive talent will allow them to squeeze by Jags, If Cowboys lose and lets up alot of points you have to believe that the decision will be made to fire Phillips and it cannot wait to show the fans that something will be done about the under-performing Cowboys)

Packers-17 @ Jets-27 (Too many injuries for Packers and Jets seem to be clicking now and some say Revis is Healthy)


Steelers-23 @ Saints-16 (Saints still are hungover from last year and Steeler defense will hound Brees into several more mistakes).


Texans-24 @ Colts-30 (The Texans seem to be missing something and Colts are not the team they have been in the past, Going with the Home Team, Not enough guts to pick the Ravens)

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Anonymous said...

Hey hey .. you got the Bengals right this week. The schedule shows that going winless the rest of the way is possible.