Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Nutball Gazette-Week 9 Picks

'The Expert" is on a roll--

Another stellar week--5-8


First some comment. We can see some teams are so poorly run with bad coaching and underachieve even with so called talent-How does Marvin Lewis (Bengals) Wade Phillips (Cowboys) and Brad Childress (Vikings) have a job, Oh one other, If Mike Shanahan (Redskins) did not have Terrell Davis and John Elway would he be able to even get a job coaching a Pop Warner team?

Meanwhile Look at The Patriots with Bill Belichick and that organization and how the Colts continue to thrive even with massive injuries, Also the Titans with Jeff Fisher continues to be competitive through the years, as has the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The one truth about the NFL is that well run organizations from top to bottom are the ones who stay on top for extended times

These Teams will not lose, go to the bank on it,

(Am I a genius or what?)


Buccaneers-10 @ Falcons-31 (When Bucs lose it is ugly, Today is ugly)

Bears-10 @ Bills-21 (Bills win at last, They are better than the record and Bears are awful)

Patriots-24 @ Browns-17 (Patriots continue the roll)

Jets-27 @ Lions-16 (Lions get the bad break that the Jets lost last week and will be ready this week)

Saints-28 @ Panthers-13 (Panthers are awful)

Dolphins-13 @ Ravens-16 (Dolphins road streak ends in a close game)

Chargers-17 @ Texans-26 (Chargers will not go on its usual roll this year and Texans will keep in playoff contention)

Cardinals-10-@ Vikings-27 (Cardinals will make Favre look like he is 31 instead of 41)

Giants-21 @ Seahawks-17 (Not buying in the Hawks and Giants fight off rust to get a late victory)

Colts-28 @ Eagles-17 (Vick return does not go well as Colts hound Vick into mistakes and Manning continues to show he is the best Regular Season QB)

Chiefs-17 @ Raiders 23 (The Old AFL Rivalry is back and the Raiders are back too)

Sunday Night

Cowboys-10 @ Packers-28 (Cowboys continue to lay down on Wade Phillips and quit early in this game)

Monday Night

Steelers-27 @ Bengals-13 (A game that is ripe for an upset but Steeler Loss last week motivates them this year to take it out on T-O and Ocho-Cinco)


Anonymous said...

Marvin still has a job because owner Mike Brown, amidst his faults, is very loyal ... so much so, to a fault.

Bengals ripe for an upset? I just don't see it ... although I wouldn't mind seeing it.

Good luck with your picks.

"Oh Great One" said...

I did these picks around 7 this morning but I wanted you to
see that I actually do get in under the 1 pm wire!

I have Jets, Balt, NE, Houston, Buffalo, Minn, Atlanta, NO,
Giants, KC, Indy, GB and Pitts. Karen has Detroit, Balt, Clev.
SD Chicago, Minn, Atlanta, Carolina, Giants, K.c., Indy, GB
and Cinn.

I was 10-3 last week and she was 7-6. I am 68-49 and Karen is
56-45 (she missed a week when she said it was "too
stressful"), but is hanging in there now. Good luck. I am not
very confident in my picks this week.

You and I only have one difference - KC v. Oakland! Watch my
wife win this week! take care.

The Hustler said...

Yeah like I was sweating out the Giants game!

"Oh Great One" said...

Hey you were 9-4 and K and I were 8-5. Congrats - perhaps you are back on track!

nutballgazette said...

What no credit for the other 6 teams I was correct about,
Remember this??

These Teams will not lose, go to the bank on it,
> > Denver, Tennessee, St. Louis, San Francisco,
> > Washington, Jacksonville

Did anyone else predict this? Nooooooooo--Only "The Expert" gives you this kind of insight,

For more picks dial 1-900-###-####

"Oh Great One" said...

You were wrong on one of them.... Tennessee lost - they picked up Randy Moss!

nutballgazette said...

I stand Corrected-"Oh Great One"