Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Nutball Gazette-Week 11 Picks

Do you believe in Miracles?

Last Week 9-5
Season 77-67

Here does Nothing


Bears-13 @ Dolphins-20 (Bears looked like Dynamite vs Vikings, and Dolphins are down to the #3 QB, Dolphins play poorly at Home But they find a way to win as Bears go back to the Bad New Bears, BTW, Was I the only one SHOCKED the Chad Pennington injured his shoulder on the 1st play from scrimmage? That never happened before)


Bills-23 @ Bengals-13 (Bengals are a team headed to oblivion rapidly, Bills are better than most think and could have 4 or 5 wins this year)

Lions-13 @ Cowboys-24 (Cowboys catch a break the the Lions are so banged up and also Cowboys are playing now, Cowboys players should be ashamed of their play under Phillips)

Redskins-16 @ Titans-26 (Titans are better than what they showed against the Dolphins, Redskins have become the most embarrassing thing in the History of Washington DC)

Listen to the 1st segment of the Lavar Arrington Show on Tuesday
It starts about 1:08 into the 1st segment-You really need to hear this

Cardinals-10 @ Chiefs-27 (Chiefs will take out the frustration of last week on Cards)

Packers-24 @ Vikings-13 (Maybe the Packers can end our long national Nightmare of Brett Favre)

Texans-16 @ Jets 20 (Titans are banged up and underachieving, This should be a Jet Rout but the Jets will have to pull this out late, Have to wonder how much longer Gary Kubiak will be on the sidelines of Houston)

Raiders-13 @ Steelers 20 (There is no way the Steelers can lose to this team at home, (Oh Wait)
Last year the Steelers blew the home game vs the Raiders, Not going to happen this year)
{I think}

Ravens-27 @ Panthers-16 (Panthers is another team that is an embarrassment to its fans)

Browns-23 @ Jags 10 (Both teams have been a surprise, Just when you think the Jags are making a move they find a way to blow it)

Bucs-17 @ 49rs-26 (49rs making its run to a possible division tittle, No way the Bucs can keep this up, Can They?)

Seahawks-16 @ Saints 31 (Saints at home should be able to control the up and down Seahawks)

Falcons-26 @ Rams-16 (Falcons continue its roll for at least one more week)

Colts-20 @ Patriots-27 (Both teams are hurting, with the loss of so many players both teams should be lucky to be a .500 team, But both organizations win, Look for a rare home win in this series)


Giants-31 @ Eagles-10 (Giants looked awful and Eagles look unbeatable, Vick looks like Superman, But the Giants often finds a way to stop Vick cold and makes this an ugly game)


Broncos-24 @ Chargers-27 (Chargers win a shootout)


LestersLegends said...

I was wondering if you'd take the Pats or Colts. Surprised by the G-Men pick.

Anonymous said...

Hey hey ... the Bengals have taught you a lesson! I too pick the Bills this week.

Anonymous said...

What a huge comeback win by your J-E-T=S!!!

nutballgazette said...

Was that the worst game in Bengals History?