Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Nutball Gazette-Week 12 Picks Part-2

Review of last week 11-5
Season as of Last Monday Night--88-72

Thanksgiving Review 3-0

Patriots-24 @ Lions-16

Saints-31 @ Cowboys-20

Jets-33 @ Bengals-14


Packers-27 @ Falcons-23 (Packers really look like the best team in the NFC, and maybe the NFL, Falcons do not lose at home, Still look for the Packers to come out on top)

Steelers-31 @ Bills-13 (Bills have looked pretty good, but this is the Steelers, Will not be pretty, Bills are over matched)

Panthers-10 @ Browns--34 (Browns have been alot better this year and are going in the right direction, Panthers are a train-wreck, This week will show begin the process of the Browns rise next season and the change that is coming to the Panthers.)

Jaguars-16 @ Giants-28 (Jaguars are finding ways to win and has won big games on the road, The Giants a few weeks ago looked like the best team in the NFC, They are desperate, if they lose they may drop out of the playoff hunt, Look for the Giants to begin its turnaround today)

Vikings-16 @ Redskins-10 (Coaching change should work for the Vikings. The Vikings offense will be no better but the Defense should be able to hold Redskins down to get a victory, However if Favre has another train wreck of a game and cost the Vikings the game he will be benched or cut)

Titans-10 @ Texans-27 (Texans have lost several heart breaking games because of a horrible defense. Titans are 5-5 and just one game behind the Division Lead, But they have less of a chance of making the NFL playoffs than the New York Knicks)

Chiefs-23 @ Seahawks-20 (Not buying into the Seahawks, Chiefs win ugly)

Dolphins-13 @ Raiders-26 ( Dolphins high hopes are crashing down, Raiders keep playoff hopes alive)

Rams-20 @ Broncos-23 (Broncos are a Jekyll and Hyde team this year, Rams at 4-6 are still in a playoff race and still will be after today and being 4-7)

Eagles-16 @ Bears-23 (Bears defense has been outstanding and will be able to slow down Vick enough to give the Bears a chance to pull out a win)

Bucs-13 @ Ravens-30 (When Bucs lose they are crushed, They are a much improved team but not today, Te Ravens crush the Bucs today)

Sunday Night

Chargers-27 @ Colts-23 (Chargers have controlled this series in the past and are on a roll and with the Colts having so many injuries they will not be able to outscore the Chargers)

Monday Night

49rs-20 @ Cardinals-13--(Matchup of 3-7 teams would normally be a yawner, but both teams are still in the playoff hunt and the winner gets to within 1 game of the division lead if the Seahawks lose)

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afrankangle said...

My Bengals are sorry and getting more sorry. Normally 18 out of 20 is good - but for Bengal fans it means the number of losing seasons.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.