Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Nutball Gazette-Week 10 Picks

The biggest shocker since the Miracle on Ice of 1980
"The Expert" has a good week

Last Week --9-4

BTW I said last week that 6 Teams would not lose, Well I was 5-1 in that pick,
The Titans lose by picking up Randy Moss
Thanks to "Oh Great One" for pointing that out to me

This week
They say there is a Nationally Televised game tonight, Really, Not many people can see it
Great Job NFL with your stupid network and inability to get it on Cable, Heck even the NHL can get their Network on TV

Notes on Other Sports

MLB-The Jeter Haters are outraged over his Gold Glove win,
(Live with it)

NBA-Labron says that everyone is picking on the Heat
(Sounds like the Heat may be a bunch of Wimps)

NHL will have Captains choose sides for its All-Star Game
(Just like when we were kids, Will they start with a Hockey Stick and grab it till someone has his hand over the Butt end to see who chooses first-I know how the last guy chosen will feel
That was my life most of the time)

NFL-Wade Phillips is gone (He should be but the Players should be banned from the league the way they gave up)

Thursday Night

Ravens-16 @ Falcons-20 (Falcons need the game more and they just do not lose at Home)


Lions17-@ Bills-20 (Bills have been playing tough ball and so has the Lions but Injuries to Matthew Stafford will harm Lions offense)

Vikings-17 @ Bears-27 (Don't feel good about this but with the dissension in the Viking Clubhouse I see a Cowboy like effort out of the Vikings)

Jets-20 @ Browns-13 (Dangerous game for the Jets, But they got a wake up call from Lions and find a way to beat rapidly improving Browns, BTW Eric Mangini has earned a contract extension)

Panthers-10 @ Bucs-20 (Panthers are simply awful and those who suggest John Fox is a candidate for the Cowboys or some other top job is smoking some good stuff, Meanwhile the Bucs are really playing hard and Buc QB Josh Freeman is rapidly becoming a difference making QB)

Texans-21 @ Jaguars-16 (Both teams have playoffs on their mind, Still think the Texans are a good team and not sold on the inconsistent Jags)

Bengals-17 @ Colts-38 (2 more TD Receptions for TO but Chad Ocho-Cinco will continue to struggle and this team is ready to implode)

Titans 17 @ Dolphins-13 (Dolphins offense is imploding, Pennington has not played in over a year and he will have alot of rust, Meanwhile Moss will do what he does best, Catch a TD Pass in his first game before he starts his Cancer in yet another clubhouse leading to his release before Pearl Harbor day)

Chiefs-34 @ Broncos 13 (Chiefs rebound from frustrating loss to the raiders and take it out on soon to be Ex Head Coach Josh McDaniels)

Cowboys-13 @ Giants-31 (Cowboys play much harder but Mistakes by the offense and Giants dominant defense takes over in 2nd half)

Seahawks-21 @ Cardinals 20 ( Can both teams lose? Maybe the Seahawks have one of their good weeks after a bye week last week, "They took the week off vs Giants")

Rams-13 @ 49rs-20 (I guess, total guess here, going with the Home team)

Sunday Night--(Game of the week)

Patriots 20 @ Steelers-24 (Both teams are hurting, Most teams with injuries like what these two teams have would be lucky to win 4 games a week, But these are not both teams, They find a way to win, But only one can, Go with the Home Team)

Monday Night

Eagles 24 @ Redskins-17 (Michael Vick is the surprise of the season and the Shanahans seemed determined to destroy Donavan McNabb, This is another team ready to implode as Washington DC will start to call for the Shanahans head)

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