Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Nutball Gazette-Week 12 Picks Part-1

My Gosh Is "The Expert" back? well lets wait and see

Last Week-11-5

This weeks picks in 2 parts, Thanksgiving Games today and Sundays picks to be sent out on Friday

Patriots-24 @ Lions-16 (Patriots are on a roll They may be the best team in the NFL, Of course every time we declare a team the Best in the NFL they lay an Egg, So as a Jet Fan I am trying to jinx the Patriots, Hey the Lions are playing better, You never know, But Not this game)

Saints-31 @ Cowboys-20 (Cowboys have turned things around since the Coaching change but this is still the same players that were the embarrassment of Texas, and remember the Saints are the Defending Super Bowl Champs)

Jets-33 @ Bengals-14 (This is a game as a Long Time Jet fan scares the heck out of me and is the type of game the Same ole Jets would lose, However after 2 Games that scared the heck out of them The Jets should be ready and if The Jets get off to a quick start this game could get ugly)

Sundays Games will be out on Friday

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone as as they say "You Are What You Eat" so anyone who knows me knows what I am eating for Thanksgiving.

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