Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Baseball Postseason Predictions--2010-and review

This is it, "The Expert" returns with his post season Baseball Predictions.

First review the 2010 Pre-Season Predictions

2010--Comments (Post-Season Comments in Bold)

Lots of questions all around,
Yankees are minus Matsui and Damon but gain defensively with Granderson...Starting should be stronger with Vazquez as a #4..(Nailed that one) Age can be a question, especially at Catcher with Posada,

Red Sox--Power Hitting is very suspect, Not too sure if Beltre and Cameron will help or hurt. Beltre can be a Head case, Pitching can be a huge strength, (If they stay Healthy) But Beckett has not proven to stay Healthy, Dice-K does not stay Healthy, Wakefield is 300 years old, and even Lackey is 8 years removed from Dominating the Yankees in the 2002 ALCS, But Jon Lester is a Solid Pitcher so if the Sox stay healthy they will be tough to beat. (My Negatives on the Sox Happened)

Rays--Lots of Potential, If the Starters return to the 2008 form the Pitching will be as good as any team, Lots of terrific players throughout the lineup. They want to prove that 2008 was not a fluke, (However) They will not be able to add pieces in July and if they fall off the pace they will be dumping of Crawford (To The Yankees), Pena (Red Sox?)--(Well they did not get all the pitching but they did come together)

Other Teams--Twins will miss Nathan. It will cost them big time.(Nailed that one) Tigers might have a Big year left with Damon and addition of Austin Jackson. White Sox are poised to make a run.
Mariners have alot of additional weapons but I think Milton Bradley will implode the Clubhouse,
Angels have replaced Vlad with Matsui, They will miss Figgy but they have a great manager.

NL--Phils are very strong, but lots of injuries right now, They need a closer, Lidge is hurt and even when he was throwing reports said he was throwing at 85 MPH, (he is done).But they are loaded..Braves are set to return to Contention Marlins are lurking, Nats might move to 81 wins..Mets will lose 100 games.(They did not lose 100 but they may have been worst than I thought)

Cards should repeat in Central, Cubs has alot of talent but the Clubhouse my Implode. Maybe the Reds can Contend for a Wild card, (I Had them winning it all last year, They did come together)

NL West..Dodgers added nothing, Manny can and will be a distraction, Joe Torre will not be able to keep his magic going.--Rockies look like they can return to playoffs and the Giants might be able to shock everyone, D-Backs will miss Webb to start and they do not have depth. (Was right on Dodgers, Also Giants did shock the baseball world )

AL PLAYOFFS--(Pre Season)

White Sox (WC) over Angels--4
Yankees over Tigers--4

ALCS--Yankees over White Sox--6

NL Playoffs

Phillies over Giants--3
Braves (WC) over Cardinals--5


Phillies over Braves--6



Got 3 of the 4 NL teams right, Missed picking Cards instead of Reds)
Only got Yankees in AL

Now for this year

Twins over Yankees in 4
Rays over Rangers in 5

Phils over Reds in 4
Giants over Braves in 3

Twins over Rays in 7
Phils over Giants in 5

World Series
Phillies over Twins in 6

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afrankangle said...

Hey Hey Nutball. Seems you had a good year ... well done.

Reds even surprised this fan. Although I think the Phillies will win in 3, you can't lose a playoff series by not being in it - thus I would rather them be playing in October than sitting home.