Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Nutball Gazette-Week 14 Picks

Here we go, another week and it is getting down to crunch time.
How about those New York Paper Airplanes Monday night,

Last week 13-3
After going into the 1st week of November 59-58 "The Expert" is on a 55-19 run,

Thursday Night.

Colts-23 @ Tinys-10 (Peyton Manning has suddenly become Brett Favre at his worst, The Colts are in absolute panic mode and they need this game, if they lose they face possible elimination on Dec 16th, If Colts lose and Jags win vs Oakland then the Jags play the Colts on Dec 16th. But the good news is the Colts are playing the Tennessee "Tinys", who has quit and one has to wonder why Jeff Fisher still has a job)


Browns-27 @ Bills-13 (Browns are much improved and are playing hard, IMHO Eric Mangini has earned another season, The Bills may have run out of gas but they do play hard)

Bengals-10 @ Steelers-23 (Bengals played hard last week but played some of the stupidest ball I ever saw in the end, Carson Palmer continues to regress and this may become a very ugly)

Packers-31 @ Lions-16 (Packers have just too much)

Giants-26 @ Vikings-10 (Something tells me that Favre will try to play but the Giants defense will make this a long day for whoever plays QB for them, This game sets up a huge matchup the following week vs Eagles)

Bucs-26 @ Redskins-13 (Redskins is another team in disarray, Bucs play well against mediocre teams, Bucs keep playoff hopes alive)

Falcons-34 @ Panthers-13 (Another matchup of one team on a roll and another team who seems to have quit)

Raiders-13 @ Jaguars-24 (The West Coast team playing a 1 pm Eastern time curse continues and Jags will continue to press and maybe move very close to clinching the Division)

Seahawks-23 @ 49rs-17 (Seahawks move to the division lead.)

Rams 16 @ Saints-27 (Saints keep up the heat on the Falcons and move closer to Playoff spot, Rams suffer big loss, but Playoff spot in the west should come down to the last week of the season with Rams vs S-Hawks matchup)

Broncos-16 @ Cardinals-13 (The 1st Bowl Game of the year "The Toilet Bowl")

Chiefs-10 @ Chargers-27 (Cassel being out cost Chiefs have no chance and this may end up costing the Chiefs a playoff slot)

Eagles-27 @ Cowboys-17 (Eagles and Michael Vick should be able to contain Cowboys and set up huge game at the Giants next week) (Sunday Night Game)

Dolphins-23 @ Paper Airplanes-16 (Jets were exposed by the patriots and also when you look at the other Jet wins they easily could have lost 4 of those games and could be 5 and 7, They may have lost their confidence and even though the Dolphins have been awful alot this year The SOJ (Same Old jets) lose games like this)

Patriots-23 @ Bears-17 (Tough game but the Patriots have shown they can eat anyone who is good)

Monday Night

Ravens-23 @ Texans-17 (Ravens need and will win to put the pressure on the Steelers.. If Jags and Colts lose this game becomes big for the Texans and they then may pull the upset)


LestersLegends said...

You're heating up. Should be some good games this week. I wonder if Peyton finally gets back on track.

afrankangle said...

WHOA ... you're down on your J-E-T-S???? They beat the Fish this week.

Although they typically play well at Heinz Field, Bengals will continue to spiral down the toilet.

Chargers - Chiefs: Battle of the two of the most unpredictables

nutballgazette said...

Paper Airplanes might be worst than the Bengals