Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Nutball Gazette-Week 15 Picks (Part 2)

Reminder last week 12-4
Season 126-82

Part one winners

Chargers, Browns, Cowboys, Texans, and Colts

Chiefs-10 @ Rams-27 (Rams take a step to playoffs after several years of futility, Chiefs downward spiral continues with unfortunate illness to Matt Cassel)

Bills-20 @ Dolphins-13 (Bills have been a muck better team than the record indicates, Miami has been awful even in their victories)

Lions-10 @ Bucs-24 (Bucs keep their playoffs alive)

Cardinals-1/2 @ Panthers-1/4 (If this game is shown anywhere in the country it could mean the end of the NFL)

Saints-26 @ Ravens-20 (Saints continue their "March" to the Playoffs, while the Ravens seem to be getting old in front of our eyes)

Eagles-17 @ Giants-23 (Game of the week, Battle for the east, Even though Steve Smith is out, look for Giants Defense to make the big plays for the Giant victory)

Falcons-24 @ Seahawks-13 (Falcons all but clinch a playoff spot, while the Seahawks chances take a big blow)

New York Paper Airplanes aka Props aka Jets???-0 @ Steelers 17 (The jets are in total freefall, and headed to a 9-7 record and possibly not make the playoffs)

Broncos-10 @ Raiders-24 (Tim Tebow appears to be getting the start and the Raiders are licking their chops)

Sunday Night

Packers-10 @ Patriots-38 (The Patriots are one of the great runs in NFL history and even if Aaron Rodgers was playing at full strength it really would not matter)

Monday Night

Bears-23 @ Vikings-10 (Vikings have severe QB problems, Rumor has it Joe Kapp and Fran Tarkington will be suiting up)
Game is scheduled at the University of Minnesota at this time, if they can get the field cleaned up but the Bears may protest the game played on a field not made to NFL standards and besides the weather may be in the single digits and snow may fall,


afrankangle said...

J-E-T-S in free fall ... oh no! Call in Joe Willie and the gang.

Whew ... QB problems are throughout the league.

Conor said...

This is pretty in depth stuff for football, you seem like an avid sports fan. Thanks again for the comment on my blog.