Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Nutball Gazette-Week 16 Picks

Merry Christmas to all

"The Expert" returned last week with a 8-8 week
Season 144-90--Well I guess not too many people did all that great

Question? Terrell Owens goes out injured for the Bengals and they won! Freak thing or is he such a distraction that he harms a team even when he has a big statistical day? Just Asking


Carolina-10 @ Steelers-23 (steelers were stunned last week by the Paper Airplanes, but even with Try Polamula out they should be able to hold down the hapless Panthers who did pull out a win against the equally hapless Cardinals)

Saturday Night--Christmas Night

Cowboys-31 @ Cardinals-13 (Cowboys survived scare vs Redskins and they should take it out on the Cards)


Patriots-26 @ Bills-10 (Patriots almost lost to a undermanned Packer fan, look for them to rebound against the Bills who won at Miami but will not be avble to do it 2 weeks in a row against a division rival, But may do it against the jets on week 17)

Jets-10 @ Bears-20 (Jets may not have Sanchez and even if they do it will not be pretty in the cold weather, This one will be a ugly game to watch)

Ravens-23 @ Browns-10 (Looks like the Browns may be mailing it in while the Ravens are fighting for the Division)

Titans-16 @ Chiefs-27 (Chiefs are for real)

49rs-23 @ Rams-16 (49rs win setting up the probability of the winner of the West being 7-9 with a win here, a Seahawk loss to the Bucs the 49rs control their own destiny)

Lions-20 @ Dolphins-23 (Lions unable to complete Twin Killing of Florida Teams as Dolphins get a rare Home Victory)

Redskins-17 @ Jaguars-31 (Jaguars keep their Playoff hopes very much alive)

Colts-20 @ Raiders-26 (Raiders play spoiler and severely damage Colts playoff hopes)

Texans-17 @ Broncos-24 (Texans seem to have quit assuring a coaching change for this severely underachieving team, Broncos playing for pride)

Chargers-26 @ Bengals-23 (Bengals put a scare into Chargers as the click on offense now that T.O. "Team Obliterator" is No longer with the team)

Giants-23 @ Packers-17 (They sat Arron Rodgers will be back but I can not see him being effective, I am betting on the Giants rebounding with a win and clinching a playoff spot)

Seahawks-13 @ Bucs-20 (Bucs playing for pride now and will deal a severe blow to Seahawks playoff chances)

Sunday Night

Vikings-10 @ Eagles-33 (Eagles win and control own destiny for a #2 seed, Vikings playing out the string)

Monday Night--(Game of the Week)

Saints-26 @ Falcons-20 (Falcons lose 1st home game and sets up for the possibility of falling from #1 seed to #5 seed, Saints with a win these next 2 weeks and a Falcon loss on week 17 they will get the #1 seed)


Anonymous said...

In terms of TO ... consider it a coincidence. After all, this is a team built for running that's been thinking all year that it was a passing team. Hence the problem.

More importantly ... Merry Christmas to you!

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