Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thoughts on NFL Coaching Changes--and Great News about Rutgers Eric LeGrand.

Great news about Rutgers Football Player Eric Legrand!

At this time Jim Harbaugh is in serious negotiations to become the Miami Dolphins Coach,
He was originally expected to go to his Alma Mater Michigan University but he does not want to go there, (Can't blame him)
Then he was expected to go to the 49rs and appeared to be close signing with a very lucritive offer
But in the last moment the Miami Dolphins are swooping in and offering to maybe make him the Highest payed coach in NFL history.

Yahoo Sports is saying the Dolphins are on the verge of closing the deal with Harbaugh

The Dolphins have been reported to have offered Former Raider and Super Bowl Winning Buc coach the job and he wanted nothing to do with them,
Bill Cowher was interested them but wanted full control of Football Operations and the Dolphins said no. In the meantime the Dolphins have let Tony Sparano twist in the wind,
They better hope they get Harbaugh, if they don't the only other person they would be able to get to come to that organization would be Rich Kottite.

Meanwhile the 49rs other choice is said to be Josh McDaniels the Total Failure of a coach of the Denver Broncos. No other name is named

Also the Oakland Raiders have fired Tom Cable who seemed to have the Raiders on the right track, but old senile Al Davis did not like him and appears to be wanting to hire OC Hue Jackson
This has to send the Raiders back another 5 years

The Texans have hired Wade Phillips as there Defensive Coordinator (Great Hire)

The Titans side with Jeff Fisher over Vince Young, The way I see it is that Young lost respect with the players with his actions but Fisher seems to have worn out his welcome, If I owned the Titans I would have fired Fisher also


Scott said...

That is excellent news about the player from Rutgers. Read it here first.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link (thus good news) about the Rutgers player.

Personally, I keep Fisher as I think he's one of the NFL's best. But hey ... sometimes change is good for everyone.

I hope Harbaugh stays at Stanford. Question really is "What does he want?"

BTW ... I've posted a wonderful Jimmy Kimmel video today.

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