Monday, January 3, 2011

The Nutball Gazette-Revised-Wild Card weekend Picks+ Playoffs

(Revised picks are below the original picks all the way on the bottom. Picks changed with the injury news to the Saints) 1-6-11

Playoffs starting--This will be a prediction of this weeks games, Also Prediction for the entire playoffs with a review of "The Expert"s picks in the pre-season for the Playoffs

Pre-Season Predictions made on September 8th 2010-Correct Teams in the playoffs 3 out of 6 in each conference. They are in Italic
This weeks picks below under review
WC Round

Texans over the Raiders
Patriots over the Bengals

Divisional Round

Texans over the Colts
Ravens over the Patriots

AFC Championship

Ravens over Texans

NFC Playoffs

Wild card round

Falcons over Cowboys
49rs over Giants

Divisional round

Packers over 49rs
Falcons over Saints

NFC Championship

Packers over Falcons



Last Week 11-5
Correct Season Total 153-103


Saints-31 @ Seahawks-13 (Saints should win going away, HOWEVER, if this game stays close going into the 4th quarter the Seahawks can win this with that very loud crowd, But look for the Saints to jump out quickly and silent the crowd)

Jets-20 @ Colts-31 (Just do not see the Jets being able to contain the Colts, Jets running game has disappeared and that will give Peyton Manning too much time to overcome the Jets)


Ravens-26 @ Chiefs-17 (Ravens have too much experience and there appears to be a rift between Offensive Coordinator Charlie Weis and Head Coach Todd Haley, it appears Haley is jealous of Weis, Haley's actions will eventually be his downfall, Remember him not shaking hands with Josh McDaniels, These actions is not what you want in a head Coach)

Packers-26 @ Eagles-13 (I know the Eagles are great in 1st round games, but Michael Vick has not been the same the past several weeks and the Packer defense will terrorize Vick and hit him alot)

Predictions for the rest of the playoffs (See Amended picks below with the news of the injuries to the Saints Running Backs)


Colts lose @ Steelers

Ravens Lose @ Patriots

AFC Championship Game

Steelers lose @ Patriots


Packers lose @ Falcons

Saints Over @ Bears

NFC Championship Game

Saints win @ Falcons

Super Bowl

Patriots over Saints

NFC 2nd Round

Saints to lose vs Bears.

NFC Championship Game

Falcons over Bears

Super Bowl

Patriots over Falcons


Anonymous said...

Hey Nutball. One thing I admire is that you stand by your predictions, thus aren't afraid to reflectively look back at them. That's first class ... but going against your J-E-T-S? Oh well, I understand your point.

nutballgazette said...

I don't wear Gang Green or Pinstripe Glasses. The only game this past week I went with my heart was that Seahawk/Ram Game, I really wanted a 7-9 team in the playoffs just to piss off a whole bunch of people,

Were you surprised that Marvin Lewis is staying? I was stunned, I thought he would run away from Mike Brown.

Anonymous said...

I too thought Marvin would leave, as opposed to being fired. However, I believe the two gentlemen respect one another, thus talked to fit a common decision.

Bengal fans criticize Mike Brown a lot - but I maintain that some of his strengths are also weaknesses - such as - he is extremely loyal - he is willing to give second chances.

A friend, and self-proclaimed pundit of knowledge, believes that nobody would hire Marvin, and that Mike couldn't find someone else. I simply consider the source.