Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Nutball Gazette-The Expert-Divisional Round Playoffs

First lets honor the 42nd Anniversary of Super Bowl 3 and the New York Jets of the Old AFL beating the ten Baltimore Colts of the big unbeatable NFL

We are through the Wild Card round--We had a Earth Shaking game, Literally when Marshawn Lynch made an astonishing 67-yard touchdown run there was actual seismic activity at the moment Lynch made his incredible run, Also a stunning upset in the AFC as the Jets overcame a last minute Field Goal by the Colts that gave the Colts what appeared to be a win only to get a great runback from Warren Cromartie to set up a last second Field goal to send the Jets to Foxbourgh to face the Patriots (Oh Joy)

Now we go on,
Last Week 2-2


Ravens @ Steelers (This is a blood rivalry, It is always close and goes down to the last minute, The Ravens are coming off a short week and the Steelers are coming off a Bye week-That should make the difference

Steelers-20 Ravens-16

Packers @ Falcons (Packers had to win out to make the Playoffs, Falcons coasted during the season and also dominated at home till the last game, Packers appear to be peaking and discovered a running game, I just don't buy the Falcons)

Packers-27 Falcons-17


Seahawks @ Bears (If Saturdays game goes as I predict and the Seahawks win they get to host the NFC Championship Game, It ain't going to happen)

Bears-31 Seahawks 13

Now the game we have all been waiting for and the one you all want to know how "The Expert" will pick

Jets @ Patriots ( Patriots are playing as good of ball as any team has done in a very long time, This Patriots team seems to be better than the 16-0 Patriots team of 2007, I would say this team rivals the dominance of the 85 Bears.
The Jets have been a quite good team most of the time, when they need a big play late they almost always get it, They win ugly but they do win, This week Rex Ryan has opened his pie hole and has gotten Patriot Land all riled up and then Warren Cromartie Really got things going in Patriot Land. Now History has shown us that when the Patriots win big games they win with a last second Field Goal, It is to Football like what Mariano Rivera is to the Yankees, History has also shown the The Hammer Of God (Rivera) has also blown Games that have cost the Yankees,
97 vs Indians, 01 vs D-Backs and yes 04 vs Red Sox with that being said, I have a vision that the Patriots and jets will be in a epic battle with the jets ahead by 2 points and the Patriots getting the ball on their own 6 yard line with 43 seconds left and 2 time outs, Brady Pulls out more magic and drives the Patriots down to the 5 Yard Line of the Jets with one second left and all the Patriots have to do is kick a unmissable 23 Yard Field Goal to rip the hearts Jet Fans once again
BUT this time the Field Goal will hit the upright and bounce out and the Jets advance to the AFC Championship game, and as I see the Ball bounce off the upright my Alarm Clock goes off and I wake up)

Patriots-31 Jets-23


LestersLegends said...

I'm with you on all of your picks. Should be some good games this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Bengals would lose for the second straight week ... thus no losses in 4 of the last 5 weeks.

nutballgazette said...

I hope I am 3-1 and my Vision becomes reality without my alarm clock going off with a different reality.

Mo Morrissey said...

Frankly, I'm a big fan of your Pats/Jets prediction, although I hope it's not quite as close.

Anonymous said...

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