Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Return of "The Expert"

"The Expert" is back.
"The Expert" has been very busy and was unable to post Season Predictions, Week 1 Picks or Week 2 till Today

1st Quick Season Predictions I made before the season
AFC East--New England Patriots
AFC-North-Pittsburgh Steelers
AFC South-Tennessee Titans
AFC-West-San Diego Chargers (I went out on the limb on that one)

Wild Cards--Baltimore Ravens, Indianapolis Colts

Among those not making, Jets (Close but not Yet) , Dolphins (Slip back some, but watch out next year)

NFC-East--New York Giants
NFC-North-Green Bay Packers
NFC-South-New Orleans Saints
NFC-West-San Francisco 49ers

Wild Cards--Philadelphia Eagles, Atlanta Falcons

Those not making, Cowboys (Going down fast), Vikings, (Farve) will be a bust by the end of the season) Arizona (Super Bowl Losers always slip back alot and the Cards were not that good anyway.

Patriots over Colts
Titans over Ravens

Patriots over San Diego
Steelers over Titans

Steelers over Patriots in AFC Championship Game

Eagles over Saints
Falcons over 49rs

Giants over Falcons
Packers over Eagles

Giants over Packers in NFC Championship Game

Super Bowl--Steelers over Giants (Sorry Dan)

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