Sunday, June 7, 2009

The next 300 Game Winner (I mean 512+ Winner)

Everyone thinks that Randy Johnson will be the last 300 game winner ever, or at least in a very long time,

I am here to say that there not only will there be a 300 Game winner, Not only will there be a pitcher who wins 400 Games, There will be a pitcher who will break Cy Young's record of 511 Wins.

You want to know who this pitcher is, and is he pitching today,

The answer is Yes, He is pitching today,

He is a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox and has won 185 wins so far.

His name is Tim Wakefield 43 year old Knuckleballer.

As of now he has won 7 games this year, and I figure he can win 8 more games this year to give him 193 wins.

If you have watched Wakefield pitch it is apparent that he can pitch for a VERY LONG time.

His arm is ageless,

I see Tim pitching till he is 68 years old (Actually 69 on August-2-2030.

He should be able to win 13 games a year and at that pace he will end up "destroying" Cy Young's record and end up with a total 518 wins and Tim Wakefield can then retire as the all time Winningest pitcher in Major League History.

There you go the Next 300 game winner (I mean 512+ game winner)..Tim Wakefield.


LestersLegends said...

Very funny.

afrankangle said...

Oh my gosh ... that's a hoot - but I also see your message!

Rad said...

lol very funny Nutball. If Wakefield sets his mind to it, he probably could pitch well into his 60s, as long as his fingers don't cramp up from the knuckleball grip he should be fine lol

Good stuff

"Nutball Gazette" said...

Cy Young this year?

The way he looks this year he might get past Cy Young by 2024,