Thursday, October 11, 2012

Week 6 Picks and Thoughts

That burning you smell is me Thinking

"The Expert's" Thoughts of what is going on in the Sports world

RIP Alex Karras, Gerry Girardi (Joe's Dad) and Beano Cook

Hockey--If they do not settle and end up canceling the season the NHL will either go extinct or come back as a 6 to 12 team league


Baseball-Rangers epic choke among the worst ever, White Sox also choked big time, What a choke by the Reds in the NLDS, If Washington loses today The fan base will be calling for GM Mike Rizzo's head,

Now the Yankees, This team just cannot manufacture runs, If they do not hit Home Runs they lose. They are lucky that Raul Ibanez has come through late in the season and in game 3 of ALDS, Though the Yankees starters in the 1st 3 games are as good as I have ever seen. Everyone is down on A-Rod and he deserves it, But Granderson and Swisher have been gagging too, Just cannot see the Yankees going all the way.

NFL--All the Jets need to be a playoff team is a Quarterback, 2 Running backs, 3 good receivers 5 Good offensive lineman, and 4 good defensive lineman, also a New Owner who cares more about his team than Politics, A new GM who knows something about Football and a new Coaching staff who knows something about football.

Now the Picks week 6

Byes (Panthers, Jags,Bears and Sints.

Last Week 10-4


Steelers-28 @ Titans 13


>>Cowchips 10 @ Ravens 20 (The demise of the Cowboys and Jason Garrett continues)
>>Bengals 20 @ Clowns 6 (On any given Sunday a team can win especially if they are Home Unless they are Cleveland
>>Rams-16 @ Dolphins 20 (Tough game, Rams are improved and Dolphins appear to be much better than anyone thought, Ryan Tannehill lloks like the real deal, Dolphins can easily be 4-1)
>>Colts 27@ Paper Airplanes 10 (Jets may be the 2nd worst team in the NFL, They are a joke of the NFL)
>>Masqueraders 13 @ Falcons 27 (Raiders are just not that good, i am not sure how good the Falcons really are)
>>Kittens 10 @ Eagles 20 (Lions look like they were a one hit wonder)
>>Chiefs 13 @ Bucs 10 (This will be the Turnover Bowl)
>>Bills 10 @ Cards 23 (Bills have no offense)
>>Patriots 23 @ Seahawks 20  (Toughest game to pick)
>>Giants 24 @ 49rs 27 (49rs want revenge and may be the best team in the NFC, Possible NFC Championship game preview)
>>Vikings 24 @ Redskins 17 (Vikings just might be that good and redskins are banged up)

Sunday Night
>>Slackers  10 @ Texans 24 (Texans are still the best team in the AFC even with the loss of Cushing, Texans Defense and JJ Watt will terrorize Aaron Rogers and the crumbling Green Bay Packers)

Monday Night

Broncos 31 @ Chargers 21 (Manning will have a huge game)

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