Thursday, November 1, 2012

Week 9 Picks and Some Thoughts

What a week,

>>What devastation in the New Jersey and New York including Long Island, By far the worst Natural Disaster that area has ever had, This has to compare to Katrina, The destruction is much more widespread
  I really do not know how they can hold any sporting events there right now without transportation and with still over 1/2 maybe more without power, I even question having the Giants game there Sunday
  One thing I thought of is (What if the Yankees were in the World Series this year, Game 5 would have been at Yankee Stadium, I would think that either they would have either delayed game 5 for about a week and also move it to a Day Game, or go back to San Francisco or Move game 5 to Philadelphia or Hold your nose Yankee Fans "Boston")
MLB--Giants complete Stunning Sweep of the Tigers,
>>Yankees not sure if Rivera will be coming not, My thought is No, It looks like the Yankees might be a last place team, He would not any part of that, 
>>Bruce Bochy is from next town from where I live now, Melbourne High School (Fl) One more World Series just night get him in the Hall Of Fame as a Manager.
NBA--My initial thought is to say Don't Panic Laker fans, But I have to wonder about the age of these guys ---Oklahoma City appears to have given up on this season with the trade of Hardin,--If Healthy the Heat will easily win it all this year.
>>NHL it really does look like there will be no NHL this year, If this happens I would think 18 to 22 Tams will fold, There are no formal talks However there are some rumors that Bettman and Fehr are talking alot on the phone everyday, so maybe we are getting closer. 
>>College Football, Some say if LSU beats Alabama that there is no way a SEC team plays for the in The BCS National Game, as Lee Corso would say "Not so fast My Friend" Yes as long there are 2 undefeated teams, currently there is along with Alabama 4 other undefeated teams #2 Kansas State, #3 Notre Dame #4 Oregon and even #10 Louisville, 
If Notre Dame goes undefeated they will be in the tittle game, However both Notre Dame and Oregon has to play USC, There is a shot they will both lose, I am still not convinced about Kansas state and Louisville will lose at least one game, So if all the teams lose a game that leaves several one loss teams and a very possible BCS Tittle game Of ---Wait for it Alabama and LSU., How about that Sports fans  

Week 9 Picks 

Last Week 8-6
Season  71-46 


Winners in Bold

DateMatchupTime (Eastern Time)
11/1/12 (Thursday)Kansas City at San Diego8:20PM (NFL Network)
11/4/12Carolina at Washington1PM
11/4/12Arizona at Green Bay1PM
11/4/12Detroit at Jacksonville1PM
11/4/12Chicago at Tennessee1PM
11/4/12Denver at Cincinnati1PM
11/4/12Baltimore at Cleveland1PM
11/4/12Buffalo at Houston1PM
11/4/12Miami at Indianapolis1PM
11/4/12Minnesota at Seattle4:05PM
11/4/12Tampa Bay at Oakland4:05PM
11/4/12Pittsburgh at NY Giants4:25PM
11/4/12 (Sunday Night)Dallas at Atlanta8:20PM (NBC)
11/5/12 (Monday Night)Philadelphia at New Orleans8:30PM (ESPN)


LestersLegends said...

Crazy stuff. Sports is probably the last thing on a lot of people's minds. At the same time, maybe it's a good distraction.

The Sox will fight you for last place next year.

Good luck on your picks this week!

nutballgazette said...

I agree with Sox fighting for last place. They expand the playoffs almost for the single reason was the Yankees and Sox were in the playoffs almost every year giving the other 3 no chance.