Sunday, December 9, 2012

Week 14 Picks

Last week 11-5  Season--121-67-1
12/6/12 (Thursday)Denver at Oakland8:20PM (NFL Network)
12/9/12Baltimore at Washington1PM
12/9/12Kansas City at Cleveland1PM
12/9/12San Diego at Pittsburgh1PM
12/9/12Tennessee at Indianapolis1PM
12/9/12NY Jets at Jacksonville1PM
12/9/12Chicago at Minnesota1PM
12/9/12Atlanta at Carolina1PM
12/9/12Philadelphia at Tampa Bay1PM
12/9/12St. Louis at Buffalo1PM
12/9/12Dallas at Cincinnati1PM
12/9/12Miami at San Francisco4:05PM
12/9/12New Orleans at NY Giants4:25PM
12/9/12Arizona at Seattle4:25PM
12/9/12 (Sunday Night)Detroit at Green Bay8:20PM (NBC)
12/10/12 (Monday Night)Houston at New England8:30PM (ESPN)

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Mr. AllDayE'ryDay said...

Skins vs. Seahawks: who you got? RGIII is great and they do mostly zone reads, so the 12th man shouldn't affect them as much as it does other QBs/syystems IMO.