Monday, December 1, 2008

Rambling Thoughts of a Nutball (Dec 1 2008)

Well we have gone through most of Week 13 of the NFL Season.
The Jets (aka) "The Paper-Airplanes" laid an egg versus the Denver Broncos, They are lucky that the Patriots (Patsies), got trampled by the Pittsburgh Steelers, The Jets still control their destiny, They host both the Bills and Dolphins and Go to the 49rs and Seahawks, All are games they should win. All they need to do is to Win the 2 home games and win one other game and they clinch the AFC East,
The Patriots got buried by the Pittsburgh Steelers, Matt Cassel was not sharp at all after 2 great games, (so much for who needs Tom Brady), Meanwhile the Steelers may be playing the best Team in the AFC right now.
The Miami Dolphins kept their playoff chances alive with a win at the Rams, A remarkable turnaround for them. (My Guess is that they will fall short this year).
On Thanksgiving The Titans destroyed the hapless Lions.
The Cowboys won easily vs the Seahawks (SeaTurkeys)
And the Eagles beat the Cardinals on Thanksgiving night (No one saw the game being it was on the (NFL Network).
The Chargers got beat by the Atlanta Falcons as the Falcons drive for a Playoff spot.

Looking at the Playoff picture, Even thought the Vikings are ahead in the NFC North the Schedule is tough After playing the Lions next week they close with @ Arizona then the Falcons and the Giants..Meanwhile the Bears close Home vs Jacksonville, New Orleans, Green Bay then @ Houston.
The Giants will be the #1 seed. The winner of the Bucs vs Panthers will be the # 2 Seed, The loser will be a wildcard.
The Cards will win their 1st division tittle since 1975.
The other Wildcard is the Cowboys for the taking, But the Redskins still have an outside shot.
The Eagles need alot of help.
In the AFC The Titans, Steelers and the Broncos are a lock. The Ravens seem to have a slot locked up and still can win the Division. The Jets and Patriots are fighting it out for the AFC East and the Dolphins have an outside shot.
The Colts seem to have a great shot at the other wildcard slot in their grasp.
Right Now it looks like the Patriots have an uphill battle even though they have 4 games they should win so the Jets could be out if the Patriots win out and the Jets stumble.
That is all for today as we wait for the Hot stove league to heat up, And the NFL continues to the playoffs

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