Friday, March 6, 2009

Just a Question?

I am not predicting this yet??

My Question is.
Say A-Rod misses the entire season,
Then the Yankees not only wins the AL East.
Then gets by the 1st round and past the ALCS to the World Series
Then goes on to win the World Series with maybe Derek Jeter winning the World Series MVP!

What would be the reaction of
1--Yankee fans?
2--Red Sox Fans?
3--Met Fans?
4--Baseball Fans in general?
5--The National Media?
6--Alex Rodriguez?

It is a nice dream.
I know at least one of you will say take My medication!
But I am just asking "What If?"

Leave your comments..

1 comment:

David Funk said...

-Yankee fans would still be calling for A-Rod's head, and question Cashman as to why he re-signed A-Rod even though he probably wins GM of the Year award.

-Red Sox fans would probably petition baseball to investigate other Yankees players for steroids thinking they cheated.

-Met fans might consider dropping expensive contracts in an attempt to duplicate the Yankees winning with it's highest paid player. Or see Red Sox fans.

-Baseball fans would wonder why A-Rod's contract was extended in the first place.

-National media would never let A-Rod hear the end of it as to why he wasn't on the field to help the Yankees win a championship.

-A-Rod would want out of New York and possibly consider retirement from the game.

Good stuff and thanks for stopping by my blog to comment on the Ali/Frazier post.