Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yankee Ticket Prices..OMG (Not for Me!!)

Excerpts from

-Hal Steinbrenner said Thursday. “Look, there’s no doubt small amounts of our tickets might be overpriced.

My Take (Really Hal, You think so?)

Ticket Prices..There is not that many rich people in New York

Can you say many empty seats if the Yankees do not contend and the economy continues to flounder.

The Team Marketing Report released its annual survey Thursday and said the average price of a Yankees home ticket was a major league-high $72.97, a 76.3 percent increase from last year’s $41.40.

The Boston Red Sox, who had been first for 13 consecutive years, were next at $50.24 following a 0.3 percent rise. The Cubs were third at $47.75 after a 10 percent hike, followed by the New York Mets, who rose 8.6 percent to $36.99 for their first season at Citi Field.

The Arizona Diamondbacks had a major league-low average for the third consecutive year, at $14.31, with the Pittsburgh Pirates at $15.39, Atlanta Braves at $17.05 and AL champion Tampa Bay Rays at $18.35.

The major league average of $26.64 was up 5 percent from $25.37, less than half last year’s 10.1 percent hike.

Among premium seats, the Yankees topped the majors at $510.08, followed by the Cubs ($239.43), Los Angeles Angels ($222.38), Washington Nationals ($192.89), Red Sox ($162.82) and Mets ($149.54). The Colorado Rockies were the major league low at $36.50, with the Milwaukee Brewers at $38.65.


afrankangle said...

Well, NY can command a price. Here's some value notes from Cincinnati, as per John Faye's Reds blog at the Cincinnati Enquirer.

- $5 Single Game Tickets: $5 Outer View Level tickets are back to give fans a great value throughout the season.

Tickets are in sections 509-510 and 536-537 (corners of the upper deck) and are available in advance and on game

days, if available. The $5 tickets are available for all regular season games except for Opening Day.
- $1 Menu Items: $1 hot dog, $1 12 oz. Coca-Cola sodas, $1 bag of peanuts, $1 popcorn, $1 ice cream cup...available

at two concessions on the fi rst base side, in the Fan Zone and on the View Level.

- $5 14 oz. draft beer: Sold at all beer stands except in club and suite levels

- $7 adult value meal: Regular hot dog, 16 oz. Coca-Cola soda and small chips or snack (18 locations)

- $5 kids value meal: Kids hot dog, small Coca-Cola soda, snack and baseball card (10 locations)

"Nutball Gazette" said...

Interesting, many teams have great buys. I am going to opening day of the Rays sitting about 10 Rows off the field behind the plate and paying $60.00. That is for the yankees, Other games the same seat goes for $45.00.
Most of the time I wil go see the Minor league team for $5.00 or go to the park one block away and watch the Hids play little league for free with $1.00 Hot Dogs and 75 cent Soda's

Crazy Canton Cuts said...

well, there is a reason they are having a helluva hard time selling seats

those prices stink real bad

big money for a third place team

sports is out of control...and mind

living in ivory towers does that