Sunday, August 9, 2009


What a Wonderful weekend this is for Yankee fans..BUT

The Yankees Sweep a 4 game series,
The 1st on in a High Scoring poorly pitched game by both teams
The Red Sox started John Smoltz and the Yankees seemed to end his career as he gave up 8 runs in 3.1 innings, meanwhile Joba Chamberlain was not good at all and escaped even though he let up 4 runs in 5 innings and it could have been much worst if Big Papi had anything left in his bat,
Then on Friday night Josh Beckett and A J Burnett dueled shutout innings late and the bullpens of both teams was outstanding keeping the game scoreless through the 15th till this happened

Saturday Sabathia outdueled Clay Buchholz
And on Sunday after Andy pettite extended the Red Sox Shutout streak to 31 innings Victor Martinez hit a dramatic 2 run home run off of Coke (Isn't it) to give the Sox a 2-1 lead, but the Yankees rallied off for 3 runs off of Daniel Bard and 1 more run off of Hideki Okajima to give the Yankees a 5-2 lead and Mariano came in and closed it out for the 4 game sweep

So we can rejoice in this sweep and a 6 1/2 game lead over the Red Sox,

HOWEVER we also know that the Red Sox will not die, they have alot of heart and there is no quitter on this team now that Manny has been purged from Boston, The season has a long way to go, It does not appear that the red Sox has what it takes to come back, mainly because of injuries and the what appears to be the demise of David Ortiz's big bat.
So if the Red Sox are not going to come back who can threaten the Yankees?
Even though they are 8 games back the Tampa Bay Rays are a threat to the Red Sox, Rangers, and Mariners for the Wild Card, But also to the Yankees for the Division, They have the potential in starting pitching, The hitting, speed and defense to put together a streak to overcome everyone and win the East.

Also we know the recent history in the playoffs for the Yankees especially if they play the Angels and Tigers.
But lets enjoy this SWEEP right now.

6 comments: said...

This was a great weekend to be a fan of the Yankees! Seeing our Bombers sweep the mighty Roid Sox 4 straight was like music to this Yankee fan's ears. I wonder if the Roid Sox got the picture?

"Nutball Gazette" said...

Thank you for the comment here on this blog, I like the Roid Sox name

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your team's win. Playing well right now but I remind you of one thing .... one division or pennant has ever been won in early August.

"Nutball Gazette" said...

That is why I put the big HOWEVER in the blog.
I guess I was wrong this year about the Reds.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes ... the big HOWEVER is the reality check.

As for the Reds, not a surprise to me. Still a way to go. Status quo in the offseason won't get it done.

Anonymous said...

By the way ... great graphic.