Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vin Scully to Retire

Two articles reporting The Great Vin Scully will retire either at the end of the 2009 season or more than likely after the 2010 season. The first is from The New York Times

Thsi next one is from Bill Plaschke: of The L a Times and His idea of the Tribute The Dodgers should give to Scully.,0,6130416.column?page=1

Here is an some excerpt from it.

If they could build a Mannywood in a couple of weeks, surely they can use the next few months to figure out a way to permanently honor Scully in a way that no Dodger has been honored before.

There was talk about making him a centerpiece of the proposed stadium park, but that idea is several years from the shovel, and Scully deserves the attention now while he and his city can enjoy it.

"Honestly, I have never given that a thought, and I never will," Scully said. "I'm embarrassed to even think about it."

Well, I'm not, and here's my plan.

Turn this Dodgers monument into a statue. Sculpt Scully sitting in a booth, with a microphone and headsets and his ever-present scorebook.

Fill the desk with dozens of ports where fans can plug in headphones and listen to tapes of Scully's calls. What greater tribute than having Dodgers fans gathered at his feet as one, listening to his voice forever?

Place the sculpture just beyond the Dodger Stadium center-field fence, in the area currently populated by autograph booths and fans chasing batting practice fly balls. Lay down some grass like they do at Yankee Stadium for the center-field Monument Park. Call it Scullyville.

Because there is no main Dodger Stadium walking entrance, this is the best spot to be reached by the most people. You don't need a ticket to come here, you just need to pay for parking. With all sorts of fans hanging out before every game talking baseball, it feels like Chavez Ravine's front porch, which would make it the perfect spot for the Dodgers' storyteller.

Vin Scully is the best play by play man from 1950 till date along with Tigers Great Ernie Harwell (Sorry of other teams, But these 2 are the best.) They not only told you what was happening but told stories about baseball yesterday and today and made it sound like poetry and did it that any fan from the opposing team can listen and enjoy the broadcast! Below is a Clip of Vin Scully Calls. This is just magic listening to these calls, Some of these were heard by Just Dodger fans and others are National calls.. Included is the Call of the Final out of the 1996 World Series done on National Radio. Enjoy

This is from (logo)

Classic Vin Scully Highlights

1Vin Scully - Some Highlights
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A collection of some highlights described by Vin Scully. Included is a steal of home plate by Jackie Robinson, two final outs from Sandy Koufax no-hitters (one of them being the classic perfect game in 1965), Hank Aaron's 715th home run, the A's clinching the 1974 World Series, Rick Monday saving the American Flag, a Willie Aikens home run from the 1980 World Series, "The Catch" from Joe Montana to Dwight Clark, the Mets Game 6 come back in 1986, Kirk Gibson's 1988 World Series home run, and the Twins, Braves, and Yankees winning World Series in the 90's.

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Artist/Composer: Rob Adams
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Scully is the last of the great Play by Play guys, All we will have left are the Stieners, Michael Kay's, John Sterling, The "God Awful" Hawk Harrelson and all the other Pathetic Guys who are such Homers that can make even the most loyal fans of teams sick.


Anonymous said...

Scully is a classic and has given a lot to the game and its fans. Baseball fans bond to their announcers, and to Dodgers fans, he'll be missed ... but never forgotten.

Rad said...

I agree with Frank, he will be missed but never forgotten. I remember when Phil "Scooter" Rizutto stepped down as Yankee announcer. Missed the hell out of him but they still talk about him today.

"Nutball Gazette" said...

I Loved scooter too but he was not a guy that other teams fan would like
Kind of like Harry Carey, Harry Kalas, and Skip Carey, Home teams fans love him but others no
Best example I can think of as a Hometown favorite is Johny Most of the Celtics.
I thought he was awful But Celtic fans think of him as a God