Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hitting Streaks

James McOwen of the California league has a 45 game hitting streak
Does this mean he will be a great player, I think it is obvious that hitting streak is a curse
Not one of these guys ever did anything, Especially if they play in California
Whatever became of that Joe DiMaggio guy anyway.

To prove my point here is the list of the top Hitting streaks in Minor League History
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Minor League Baseball records

The longest streaks in the history of Minor League Baseball and other professional baseball leagues:

Rank Player League Games Year(s)
1 Joe Wilhoit Western League 69 1919
2 Joe DiMaggio Pacific Coast League 61 1933
3 Roman Mejias Big State League 55 1954
4 Otto Pahlman Illinois-Indiana-Iowa League 50 1922
5 Jack Ness Pacific Coast League 49 1915

Harry Chozen Southern League 49 1945
7 Johnny Bates Southern League 46 1925
8 James McOwen California League 45 2009
9 Brandon Watson International League 43 2007

Eddie Marshall American Association 43 1935

Orlando Moreno Longhorn League 43 1947

Howie Bedell American Association 43 1961


Anonymous said...

This also caught my eye the other day, but I appreciate the streaks list here. Well done.

3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

only other guy, besides Joe, who did anything in the bigs was Merced

Watson poofed out after maybe a year I think