Monday, July 6, 2009

Hey Red Sox Fans,

You have to be kidding me,
You cheer for Nomar Garciaparra on his first trip to Boston since he quit on you in the middle of 2004, I do not understand how you can cheer for this loser,
I guess it was because he did not comeback as a Yankee. But hey Red Sox Fans, Do you not remember that during the 1st exhibition game between Boston and The Yankees in 2004 when A-Rod and Derek Jeter were taking ground balls before the game Your hero went out to 2nd base and was taking some ground balls there, He was telling the world he wanted to be a Yankee,
Thank God Caskman did not take on this loser.
And do not tell me how you always welcome back all your players not in a Yankee uniform.
I got 2 words for you. Bill Buckner, You did not accept him back till after you won your 2nd tittle in 2007, So don't tell me that you are such great fair fans, Red Sox fans are just as bad as fans everywhere, including Yankee fans who will boo one of their own players for striking out in a big situation even if they have won games the night before.


LestersLegends said...

All fans are clowns. The Twins booed Marty Cordova who was released by the team.

I don't hold grudges against guys like Damon or Pedro who went and got paid, but you're right Nomar did quit on them like Manny did last year.

afrankangle said...

I'm going to take the high road and not get between the Red Sox and Yankee fans.

"Nutball Gazette" said...

You know what. I talked to 2 Red Sox fans today and they said they were cheering with the thought

Thank God you left you bum. we hate you and you leaving is the reason we won 2 World Series This is the first time we get to thank you.

So maybe I owe the Red Sox fans an apology.