Saturday, April 17, 2010

This day In Yankee and Baseball History

This Day in Yankee History 1951..Yankees get a new P A Announcer (The Voice Of God) Bob Sheppard makes his debut. First Batter he announces is Dom DiMaggio.

Also making his Major League Debut in 1951..Some Guy named Mickey Mantle makes his Major League debut. (Whatever happened to that guy)

Other Notes..1955 Roberto Clemente collects his first hit

1964 Shea Stadium opens up to the 1st of many games where the Home team pitcher does not throw a no hitter

1969 Montreal Expoes in their 10th ever game Bill Stoneman throw a no hitter (Mets still has not had any)

1976 Mike Schmidt hits 4 home runs in a game at Wrigley field in a gane which the phils were down by 11th and came back to win 18-16

2010..Ubaldo Jimenez of the Colorado Rockies throws a no hitter, the first no hitter in Rockies History

2010--The New York Mets extend their number of games without throwing a no hitter to 7655 Games!

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