Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sad Day in Baseball--Ernie Harwell passes away at 92.

One of the great broadcasters of all-time has passed away, Ernie Harwell passed away today at age 92 after a year long battle with cancer,

Harwell is one of the last of the Legendary Play by Play men that generations of Tiger Fans grew up listening to. He was to Detroit to what Vin Scully is to Dodger fans, Harry Kalas was to Phillie fans and several others (Bob Uecker, Jack Buck, Marty Brennaman, Harry Carey, Skip Carey, Jack Brickhouse, Mel Allen, and Red Barber just to name a few.

Here is the Famous Baseball is Essay that Ernie Harwell that he gave when he was inducted into Baseball's Hall of Fame in 1981.

Here is the Detroit Free Press Story of the Passing of Harwell.

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Anonymous said...

On thing about baseball ... wow ... does ever have a great base of classic announcers.

Radio and baseball have been a great pair for many years. As most of us tune into our team's announcer, we forget that many other great announcers are in other cities.

Well done Nutball.