Friday, September 24, 2010

The Nutball Gazette-Week 3 Picks

Week 3 Picks

First some comments,

Jets should have the Guts to sit Edwards, and if the Union does not like it tell them to stick it on this issue

I am with the union on the 18 game schedule, It is a horrible idea The Union should be demanding better Long term Health care for its players and taking care of past players, There is plenty of money to go around

Eagles are in a tough situation, Vick for the moment is the better option but The eagles say Kolb is the long term answer so he should be in there for the long term future of the franchise

Thoughts on Baseball

Yankees in Big Time trouble, No Pitching, Bad Timely Hitting,
But all the teams in the AL has serious issues with injuries

I just cannot see anything stopping the Phillies

Last week --11-5

Season --20-12


Titans--16-@--Giants 26
Both Teams have internal problems

Steelers Defense will carry them through though Terry Bradshaw and Bubby Brister may be called to play QB

T O and Ocho Cinco will have their good game of the year

Browns 6-@-Ravens--20
This is the Browns, Flacco should rebound

Good Bye Wade Phillips and Garrett,

I think the 49rs are the better team but the Chiefs with Weis and Crennel as Coordinators they just might surprise this year

If The Vikings do not win and look better Favre retires after the game and Brad Childress is fired

Tom (Justin Bieber) Brady rebounds

Could be a trap game for the Saints

Look for a great game from McNabb

Vick keeps the Fans and Media talking with another good game

Campbell comes in the 2nd half and pulls out a win and his job back

Chargers find a way to win,

High Scoring affair.

Sunday Night

Jets have too many issues though Ted Ginn is not there to wreck the Jets

Monday Night

Could be a Barn Burner

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afrankangle said...

hey hey ... you got my Bengals right ... although the offense was way out of sync!

Hope all is well.