Sunday, September 19, 2010

week 2 picks

sorry I am late, Busy week

First some observations, Lots of injuries are already making some picks for the season look bad Namely the Packers Ryan Grant out, Bob Sanders with the Colts and Kris Jenkens with the Jets
Many more will come and the idea of a 18 game schedule is a awful idea.

Last week

This week

Buffalo--13-@-Green Bay--31--Aaron Rogers has a huge day at home, Bills will be a much better team in the 2nd 1/2 of the season

Miami--13-@-Vikings--24--Dolphins seem to be struggling, Vikes will win its share at home as long as Favre lasts

Baltimore--17-@-Bengals--28--Bengals just own Baltimore at home

Seahawks--20-@-Broncos--23--I don't know why. Do not think the Hawks are as good as last week, Broncos will get one of its few wins withKyle Orton and Moreno having big games

Steelers--13-@-Titans--23--I may have underestimated the Titans in the pre-season, Not impressed with the Steelers offense at this time

Rams-17-@-Raiders--20--Bradford will have some rookie moments and the Raiders want to prove they are a playoff contender

Bears--16-@-Cowboys-27--Cowboys will not be embarrassed 2 weeks in a row at this point of the season.

Texans--31-@-Redskins--27--Texans will prove they are for real in a shootout

Eagles-23--@-Lions-17--Loss of Stafford hurts the Lions and Michael Vick has shown he can do the Job, at least against mediocre teams.

Jaguars--10-@-Chargers--24--Jags win on the west coast, Yeah Right at least not till next year when the Los Angeles Jaguars win a home game or 2

Bucs--13-@-Panthers--16--Someone has to win, I guess

Patriots-16-@-Jets-10--Sanchez will be better but scoring will be tough again, Tom (Justin Bieber) Brady (look at the Hair) will be able to use Wes Welker and Randy Moss just enough to edge out the Jets

Cardinals-10-@-Falcons--27--Falcons should win easily

Chiefs-17-@-Browns-10-Browns look awful as the Eric Mangini goodbye watch goes into high gear (Week 8) Halloween is a bye week, Bye as bye Bye to Mangini

Sunday Night

Giants-24-@-Colts-34--Peyton wins a shootout as there is no way the Colts go 0-2 but the Colts defense will continue to be exposed and that will come back to bite them during the season

Monday Night

Saints-27-@-49rs-13--Saints just too much for 49rs

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