Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Nutball Gazette-Week 13 Picks

Here we go, Down the stretch we come

Last Week 12-4


Well No more Mr Nice Guy or respect from "The Expert"

Thursday Night

Philadelphia Pigeons-20 @ SEATTLE WEAKHAWKS-24 ((Really cannot see the Weakhawks winning but they are playing the Pathetic Pigeons)
(This Game might put the NFL Network out of Business, as will Monday Nights game will put ESPN out of Business)


RAIDERS-20 @ Dolphins-17 (Raiders seem to be up and coming, It is always tough for West Coast Teams to come East. Miami is playing tough and can win, But the Raiders need this more)

Indianapolis Geldings-13 @ PATRIOTS 31 (Geldings are truly pathetic, Patriots are strutting their stuff, This could be much worse)

FALCONS-23 @ Texans-10 (Texans are just too banged up.)

Carolina Kittens-16 @ TAMPA BAY SUCKANEERS-19 (This game will put Fox Sports out of Business)

Bengals-16 @ STEELERS-24 (Pittsburgh is just too much for a young and banged up Bengal team that really needs this game)

RAVENS-24 @ Browns-13 (Ravens will not tank again in a easy win game)

Kansas City Griefs-10 @ BEARS-16 (Bears Defense will have to win this and will)

COWBOYS-31 @ Arizona Canaries-16 (Arizona is just mailing it in and Cowboys have a chance to take command of the NFC East)

Broncos-13 @ VIKINGS (Broncos and Tebowmania magic runs out this week)

PACKERS-43 @ New York Dwarfs-27 (High Scoring affair but the Dwarfs do their annual patented shrinking act again)

TITANS-23 @ Barfallo Nils-10 (One of the worst collapses ever continues in Barfallo)

St Louis Lambs-16 @ 49-RS-26 (San Francisco continues to march to a 1st round bye)

EAST RUTHURFORD NOT YETS-24 @ Washington Thinskins-17 (This game will put out CBS Sports, A Must win for the Gliders, If they lose they will end up 6-10)

Detroit Cryins-17 @ SAINTS-38 (Saints should rout vs the collapsing Cryins)

Monday Night

San Diego Sparklers-17 @ JACKSONVILLE/LOS ANGELES/LONDON-ENGLAND KITTY KATS-20 (This game sets Monday Night Football to a lower form of existence than Roller derby)

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