Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Nutball Gazette-Week 14 Picks

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'The Expert' week 14 Picks

Last Week 8-8
Season 128-64

Cleveland Mutts-10 @ STEELERS-34 (Not even a contest)

PATRIOTS-35 @ Washington Gutless-13 How much longer for the most overrated coach in NFL History)

Indy Mules-6 @ PATRIOTS-35 (Patriots now have Mr Perfect as QB Dan Orlovsky will lead them, he has led one team to perfection as a starter (Lions) and now will be a 2 time Mr Perfect)

TEXANS-27 @ Bengals-23 (Texans not missing a beat and unfortunately Bengals are finishing disappointing)

K C Squaws-10 @ JETS-20 (Jets making frantic attempt for playoffs)

Minn Purple PeePee Eaters-7 @ LIONS-10 (Yawn 2 teams going in the toilet)

Oakland Afraiders-10 @ PACKERS-35 (Oakland just cannot overcome injuries and Patriots are surging)

Saints-23 @ TITANS-31 (Saints struggles on the road continue)

49RS-26 @ Arizona Cadavers-13 (No way 49rs lose)

TAMPA BAY QUACKENEERS-17 @ London England Kitty Cats-10 (Central and North Florida
is hoping the NFL awards Pro Football Franchises to their cities in the next Decade)

Chicago Munsters of the Midway-6 @ BRONCOS 13 (Bears cannot move the ball and as long as it is close Tebow will once again win it late)

Filthydelphia Hummingbirds-9 @ DOLPHINS-27 (Dolphins are on a huge roll and the dirty birds will continue to tank and may have given up)

BARFALLO BELLES-20 @ San Diego Deadbolts-16 (Somehow the Chargers will take the momentum of Monday night and choke it away)

FALCONS-33 @ Carolina Kittys-16 (Falcons solidify the playoffs)

EAST RUTHERFORD RUNTS-27 @ Arlington Cowboobs-17 (Two teams who underachieve every December, Cowboys will not be able to recover from last weeks blunders)

Monday Night

St Lois Scrams-10 @ SEATTLE YAWNHAWKS-16 (This is the Monday Night Game? More men will watch The Sewing Channel rather than this dog)

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3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

like your pix, esp the Saints. I think the Crackboys eek past the Jints, but both teams blow